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Just A Little Heart Attack

I wanted to drop you a quick line pointing you toward an excellent video to watch this weekend. Cardiovascular disease impacts 1 in 3 Americans, and is the leading cause of death in the United States – killing more people than the next 5 most common causes combined.

Women’s symptoms of a heart attack are *VERY* different than those of men, and because they often can mimic fatigue or the common cold, many women don’t realize they are having a heart attack.

Now, for some of you, you may think this video is an exact replica of your LiFe each morning (that’s how I felt!) which is even more of a reason that you should watch this!!

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The ReAL ME…

I recently read a facebook post from a college friend. Much like the writers of this blog, she is a “get real” kind of gal. This week she decided to go against the status quo and post the top ten “not so appealing” qualities about herself and her daily life. I know I share many HONEST moments with you, but thought this may be a different and fun way for you to learn more about the “not so appealing” parts of me! So here it goes…

1) I spend most days wearing the same outfit I wore to bed the night before (usually a t-shirt and sweats).

2) Many days I don’t look in the mirror or get around to brushing my teeth until after lunchtime.

3) Even though I was a major neat freak growing up, I go to bed with a messy house and dirty piles of laundry in my bedroom.

4) I have a major sweet tooth and often eat milk and cookies within an hour of going to bed!

5) I yell at my kids when I’m stressed.

6) I am not a very good gift giver. I’m lucky enough if I remember to buy a person a card for a special occasion.

7) I get cold sores when I am stressed and am extremely embarrassed to go out in public when I get them.

8) I eat when I am anxious, bored, upset, sad, happy….you name it!  I even eat after I am already stuffed.

9) I rarely mop the floor, even when I know guests are coming! I find it pointless since the kids will spill something on it within minutes anyway.

10) I don’t wear sunscreen every time I step out the door, even though I already had 4 pre-cancerous moles surgically removed.

11) I let my kids eat leftover homemade cookies for breakfast when I’m too lazy to make them oatmeal.

12) When I am on the phone I allow my kids get into all sorts of things they aren’t supposed to–whatever I can do to keep them distracted.

13) I make mistakes in my business (www.letterblockshop.com).  When I mess up an order I obsess about it for hours and feel like a failure.  No business is perfect.

14) Even as a grown woman, I use to be scared to stay home alone (at night) when Doug was away on business trips.

15) I always feel like I have weight to lose and areas on my body that need toned…yet…I rarely do anything about it (I hate to exercise!)

16) I don’t have a very good memory when it comes to historical facts and things I should remember from all my years of school. The game trivial pursuit terrifies me!

17) I spent 4 1/2 years to be a music teacher.  I only taught one year, haven’t played the piano in over 4 years, I rarely sing, and I am not renewing my teaching certificate.

18) Since I limit my kids to 1 hour of  TV during the day, it is very rare that I watch the news.  I usually never know what is going on!

19) I feel guilty that I don’t spend enough time with my kids, even though I am home all day.

20) I procrastinate when I write these posts. I usually get them done the night before or the morning of!

Despite all of the above, I know that I am NORMAL and that in the grand scheme of things, none of this is a big deal. Hope this list helps reassure you of the same! No one is perfect. No one has their life together as well as it appears.  Take a sigh of relief!



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Can You Relate?

I sat down to clean my indox this week.  After reading some recent emails Robynn and I had written to one another, I wondered if you might be able to eMpaThiZe with some of our topics of conversation:

Robynn: “I’m procrastinating this morning. For the past several months I feel like I get into a (small) funk every Sunday morning. I find myself not wanting to go to church. I always say to Scott, “Can I use my “freebee” voucher today for a “free” Sunday. (I do plan on using that this winter sometime when the weather is cruddy, but you can’t use that on a perfectly good Sunday.) Anyway, I’m subjecting my “don’t want to go” feelings to my priorities and I know that today as always I will walk out of church glad I went. But until then….

I look forward to hearing all about your weekend. Mine was busier than I had hoped for it to be (which is one of the reasons I think Sundays I want to stay home) but I did finish my room and can’t wait for you to see the “make-over” on Wed. (Or maybe sooner.)

Well, better finish getting ready for church.”

Lara: “Thanks R. I appreciate the feedback on my post b/c I always seem to doubt what I am writing and if it is being too repetitive. BUT, like we said, we need to not over think what we are doing. That is what was on my heart yesterday, so that’s what I wrote about!

(Our dog) Grace is still missing. We are really sad and miss her so much but trying to stay positive that someone will find her and call us soon. Pretty stressful day yesterday with a flat tire first thing in the morning, Grace missing, and oh…Garrett choked on a grape at lunch and I had to call 911. It was so scary.

Ready to start a new day today. Glad God is by my side. Thank goodness for my faith to get me through the rougher days…and rejoice with me in the good ones!”

P.S. Someone found Grace!  The tire got fixed!  Garrett survived the choking episode and Robynn was glad she mustered up the energy to go to church!  And life goes on…



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Where are my skinny jeans?!

If you lived in my house you would know around the middle of every month I run around the house looking for my skinny jeans.  No matter how hard I look, they don’t seem to come up! I’ve come to the realization that even if I’m eating right or love my new hairdo, there will still be times I won’t feel like  a million bucks when I slip (okay squeeze) into my blue jeans.  That’s just the way it is sometimes.  I’m to the point now where I allow myself a FREE  PASS.  I know my jeans always turn up after a few days, so there is no need to be so hard on myself!  Of course if I’m feeling this way for weeks, months and then years…well, we all know that means I’m in a funk and you’ll need to help pull me out of that one ;)  BUT if this is just one of those days, I remind myself that A L L women lose their skinny jeans now and then and that I’m doing a-okay!

Oh the JoYs of being NoRmAL,


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