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Peace With Food {Over Rating Self-Control}

Boy, I messed up this past weekend and lost “PeAcE WiTh FoOd”.  {Sigh}  Here’s the story, maybe you can relate.  I went to the grocery store to get some items for dinner.  My kids had been begging me to have hot-dogs.  So, hot-dogs and turkey burgers it was.  As I was getting the items I picked up some chips {they were baked, but still, they provide a temptation if I’m not careful}.  I knew as I was picking them up that this was not a good idea.  I was having one of those days.  You know what I’m talking about, right?   One of those days where you just want to turn your brain off and go on AuTo PiLoT?  I went home and as I was preparing the meal I opened up the chips to snack on.  {A recipe for disaster.  What was I doing?  I know better.}  Normally, when I want to munch on something during meal prep I like to have carrots or veggies, because even though I’m not crazy about raw veggies, if they are there I will eat them.  But this time, it was “forget the veggies, I’ll take the chips.”  Well, needless to say, things only went down hill from there.  But it was InEviTabLe as I disregarded a principle I have learned a long time ago:

“Use WiSdOm where wisdom is needed and self-control where self-control is needed.”

It is so easy to think that all we need is self-control, when in essence what we really need is wisdom.  Self-control is GrEaT, but many times we use it as our first line of defense, when really it should be the 2nd.  Had I used wisdom in the grocery store I would have decreased the likelihood that I even had to use self-control.  I wouldn’t have even put myself in a tempting situation.

This applies in all areas of life, not just eating and food.  Where do you struggle with self-control?  Exercise, spending, gambling, drinking, shopping, gossiping?  These are just a few of the things that people struggle with.  Have you taken the 1st step and AppLiEd wisdom?  If you are wanting to exercise early in the morning it is not wise to think that when the alarm goes off you will be ready to work out if you don’t have a plan in place and maybe even an accountability partner.  If shopping is your weakness, thinking you will be able to say “No”, once inside the store is setting yourself up for a fall.

Where are your temptations?  Take the first step and get yourself out of those situations ASAP.  Remove as many temptations as possible.  That’s wisdom.  And the amazing thing I have found is that many times once I have taken the 1st step of wisdom, self-control just kicks in automatically and I really don’t have to exert much effort.

Does this mean that self-control isn’t important?  Not at all, but it sure gives you the AdVanTaGe and puts the odds in your favor of winning the ViCtOrY.




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{Peace With Food – Numero Uno}

{Subcribers–sorry your link didn’t work again today.  We found the problem.  The email subcriber link will work tomorrow!}

There’s a verse in the Bible I love that says, “WiSdOm is SuPreMe; therefore get wisdom.  Though it cost all you have get understanding.”  Proverbs 4:7 (NIV)

I personally believe the first step to peace with food is getting wisdom.  Obviously if this area of “peace with food” (whether that is eating too much, not enough, or binging and purging) is something that is challenging for you, you don’t have all the InForMatiOn you need or else you’re just not “there” yet.  There are times when we know we need to make changes, but for whatever reason aren’t ready or just don’t want to badly enough.  Sometimes we enjoy our misery.  For a while, that is.  But chances are you do want it BadLy enough.  Chances are you have tried numerous times and failed and you’re frustrated, discouraged, disillusioned, and feel hopeless which is exactly why you need wisdom.  You need to know what to do with your unique set of circumstances.

Wisdom is what can guide you in your JouRnEy.  Wisdom comes from many sources.  I do my best to remember (because it is easy to forget) to go to the author of wisdom first for help, God Himself, but hey God uses lots of things including people and circumstances.  So make sure you ask Him WHO and/or WHAT He may want to use to help you.  Maybe it will be a SuPpOrT group.  Maybe your situation is more severe and you need help from a professional counselor.  Maybe it will be a book or InSpiRing movie, song, quote, or video.  Maybe it’s an organization such as Weight Watchers that can help guide you in making good eating choices.  Maybe it’s your physician or a website that can give you the information you need to start a SeNsibLe exercise program.  Or maybe it will be a good friend who can encourage you and hold you AcCouNtabLe.

The old adage goes, “Wisdom is PoWeR.”  So before you plunge in headfirst, take some time to get the wisdom you need to get a “Smart Start”.  It will save precious time and help you hit the ground running!



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Never Say “Never”

Have you ever caught yourself sAyinG something like, “I would NEVER do that!  I would NEVER put myself in that situation or make a decision like that person!” Someone once told me that you have to be careful using the word “NEVER” because often life makes you fAce the things you don’t wish for.

Even though I grew up on a farm I always told my parents I “never” wanted to marry a farmer.  I thought I had my life Planned out and wanted to work in an office somewhere in a big city.  Sure enough, I married a farm boy but couldn’t be hAppier.

I had always maiNtained a healthy weight throughout college and marriage.  However, when I got pregnant with my daughter, I gained twice as much weight as I was supposed to.  So much for being PROUD of my weight control!

Life can be really huMbling and I’ve LeArNed to not be quick to judge or too sure of how life is going to turn out.  Having goals and expectations are gReat, but the next time you look at someone else and find yourself saying “I would NEVER…” be cAreful what you say.  Life has a way of ushering you down a particular pAth and we can’t always see the twists and turns that lie ahead.


(*Pictured above is my loving “farmer” and our sweet lab, Grace)

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Best Parenting Advice

Of all of the great words of WiSdOm given to me by parents with years of experience, the best AdviCe was this: Always give ultimatums that benefit YOU!

This advice is something I utilize numerous times a day.  When my kiddo doesn’t want to take a nap I ask, “Do you want me to read some books before your nap oR do you want to go to bed without reading a book?”  She always picks the books and without her realizing it, her reSisTanCe to nap is derailed.

Life is so much eAsieR with this method and I can’t imagine parenting without it.  Hope it can make your life a little easier too!

HaPpY PaRenTinG!



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