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Kid Stuff Clean Up

Are the piles of toys in your house getting too big for the bins that you bought to store them in?  If you’re thinking “YES THEY ARE!”…join the club!  I was so tired of my kids taking their puzzles and games out of their boxes and leaving the pieces all over the place that I decided to get rid of the bulky boxes all together.  Check out my space-saving system.

Puzzle boxes, card games, and memory.

Storage bags and a box to hold everything.

Cut out the picture of the puzzle from the box and store it in the bag with the puzzle pieces!

Much better!


~Robyn (Jersey Girl)

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{Start Your Own Collection}

We are all familiar with the collection of 100+ figurines in GrAnNy’S curio cabinet.  However, before you write off “collections” consider collecting just a few of your favorite items such as ViNtAgE spoons, autographs from you favorite people, AnTiQuE fishing lures, concert tickets, John Deere toy tractors {my dad had that collection!} or seashells to name only a few.  Here are some other ideas:

Vintage baseball GloVes.



PlaYfuL items such as these Pez dispensers.

Vintage cameras.


Favorite Childhood ToYs.

Figurines such as those from Willow Tree

Old Telephones or Typewriters.


What’s your PaSsiOn?  What warms your SouL?  What things, when you see them, instantly take you back to a fond memory in your life?  Find those things you loved as a child or have grown to love.  {Just the hunt may be exhilarating!  Winning a bid on EbAy can be a thrill!!}  They will bring back memories, will be a good conversation piece and be something that just makes you feel HaPpY!

P.S.  Many of the above photos were taken at GoOd Ju Ju, a favorite antique shop of mine in Kansas City.  Click here if you want to see the road trip that Lara and I took to Good Ju Ju last June!


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