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Who’s Paying the Price?

Have you had a cruddy day at work recently?  Did something not go your way?  When these disappointments or frustrations happen, who do you take it out on?  People at work or your loved ones that had nothing to do with your Bad DaY?


We can all use the reminder every now and then.  Don’t take out your bad day on the people you love the most, just because they are the ones that you spend the end of your day with.  We can all relate to MoMenTs when we were having a wonderful day and our loved one walked in the door and immediately changed our mood for the worse.

I especially have to ReMemBer this with my kids.  When I am stressed my voice ends up yelling when, on a normal day, I would speak to them in softer words.  They look at me like, “What did I do!?” and deep down I know that they didn’t deserve the treatment I gave.

So whoever it is–spouse, friend, kid, co-worker–try to bite your tongue and let out your frustrations doing something that won’t bring ThEm down (go on a run, pound into a pillow…whatever you can!).  I guess I am writing because I need this reminder more often than I’d like to admit!!



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From the Confessional

Has LiFe turned out the way you thought it would?  I have to confess that mine is very different than I had “planned”.  After we got married I envisioned living in the country, only working from 8-5, and having all the time in the world to play with my kids and make pErfeCt sugar cookies with them like you see on the commercials.  I feel like I woke up one day and immediately thought, “Hey!  What happened to that perfect life plan I had?  Give it back!”  Have you ever felt like that?

Many days I feel like I’m chasing my own tail.  Even though I’m a stay-at-home mom, there are never enough hours to do the laundry, make (decent) meals, and remember to send birthday cards to loved ones on time (or at all!).  After living in St. Louis for 2 years we DO live in the country (yay!) BUT we DON’T have a tYpiCal life style.  My husband travels often so we might eat breakfast with him instead of supper and we get up before dawn to fill orders for my business before we start our “day” jobs.  Soon we plan to move closer to where we grew up so we can farm more.  Moving means not being sEttLed for a while and a new location means new challenges. See why I feel like I’m chasing my tail?!

I’ve realized that even though my life is different and crazier than I had planned, why couldn’t it mean that it may end up bEtteR? Looking back, my previous “plan” would be less stressful, but maybe even a little boring.  People that take risks and live life to the fullest often have more sAtisfaCtion.  Despite taking a detour from the “plan”, I guess I’m willing to accept the challenge for a chance of a more rewarding future.

What is a “normal” life anyway? The more I think of it, I don’t know many friends or family that have an 8-5 work life and lounge around after work.  Life is just hectic sometimes I guess.  Keeping focused on the GooD things that come from this “unplanned” life is the most important thing.


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When I was a first year teacher I wanted to be the best at EVERYTHING.  After a month I ended up being the exact opposite because I was burnt out and exhausted all the time.  It finally dawned on me when I pulled out the “quote of the week” that read: SIMPLIFY.  We’ve all read that word numerous times, but how often have we actually applied it to our everyday lives?

Simplifying your life may mean cancelling dinner with friends because you haven’t been home with your family all week.  Perhaps it is buying a treadmill so you don’t have to drive to the gym.  Maybe you’ll aLLoW your kiddo to wear clothes that don’t match because it isn’t worth the extra stress to get them out the door!

Make it your goal to simplify your life.  What is iMporTant?  Is it TIME? Is it reducing stress?  StRip AwAy the unnecessary elements that are causing problems in your life and only focus
on achieving the “have-to’s” today!



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