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Spring is in the Air

Just a few days ago I saw my first robin of the season.  To me this has always been a SpEcIaL sign that spring is on its way.  When I taught first grade I always loved watching the excitement on the faces of my students when we would spot the first robin on the field outside of our classroom.  I would let all of the kids get out of their seats and look out the windows to count how many robins they could see throughout the large playground and field behind our school.  Besides the robins, it has been staying light out later, the sun has been coming up earlier, and the temperature has been climbing.

With all of these changes I can’t help but get excited for the upcoming spring season and all it has to offer.  Playing in the yard with my kids, working on my outdoor craft projects, and barbecues just to name a few!  If the winter months have found you a little down, rest assured…BrIgHtEr days are just around the corner!

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New Beginnings

In Kansas, we live in what is known as the tall-grass prairie. 

When explorers first came to the Midwest they called it the “Great American Desert” because they witnessed hundreds of miles of prairie grass that was as tall as a man on a horse.  Each spring, by either lightening or fires intentionally set by Native Americans to attract large herds of buffalo, millions of acres of this tall grass prairie were burned to make way for new growth.

Our ranchers continue this TrAdiTioN each spring with controlled fires.  Soon after burning the old dry plant material, new lush green grass emerges for their livestock to graze.  As a rancher’s daughter, helping burn pasture was a yearly ritual that I very much enjoyed.  The crackling sound of the old stems and smell of burnt grass created a chalkboard-like pasture that was wiped clean for a new season.  These sights, smells, and sounds create a sense of nostalgia that takes me back to some of my fondest MeMoRiEs as a child.

Just like ranchers, we can perform a similar ritual this spring by eliminating the old to make way for the new.  If there is something that has been weighing on your mind or holding you back, now is the time to send it up in flames and get a NeW StARt on life.


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