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Biggest Bang For Your Buck {Beauty Secret}

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Smile at a Stranger

Last week my friend Anne lost her husband after a tough BaTtLe with cancer.  They had just celebrated their son’s first birthday and through it all Anne managed to stay upbeat, positive, and grateful for their time together as a family.  The night before her husband passed she wrote, “Hug your loved ones and smile at a stranger.  Today only comes once” on her Facebook page.  I was immediately stuck by such PoWeRfUL words.

A SMiLe…something so simple yet packed with such meaning.  Whether it be the crossing guard you drive by daily, a cashier at the grocery store, or a stranger you meet at the post office; you never know what they might be going through and how much a smile might mean to them.  It is something that won’t cost anything and the payback will warm your HeARt.


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