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Home Sweet Home

Well, I am finally able to wrap up our “moving” jOurNey!   We’ve been living at our new location (north of Lyndon) for 5 weeks now and are feeling settled!

It has been a productive and fun last few weeks.  First off, Robynn and her family stopped by to see the house before it was placed on the foundation.  They were our first official viSiToRs!!

The house was placed on the foundation the day after it got here and then we were busy getting the utilities hooked up.

We built the wall for our walkout basement.

Doug and his Dad bUiLt our deck on the back of the house.  Remember, this use to be the FRONT of our house before we moved it!

In the upcoming weeks a construction crew will come and put our new addition on the front of the house (see where the footings are in front of the red door).  We will be excited to have that space back again!

We are still far from having the place LoOk the way we want , but at least it is functional.  The most important thing is that are H O M E with a happy family to fill the rooms.  The rest will come!

Thanks for following this journey with us!  What an eventful couple of months it has been!  I will be sharing some more before and after pictures of our projects throughout the fall, so stay tuned!

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The Official MOVING Day: There Goes the House!

The day FinAlly came!  The movers left with the house around 9:15 am.  They weren’t sure how long the move would take, as this was their LONGEST move they’d ever done.  Yep–over 100 miles!  They couldn’t take the highway the entire way, which means they had to detour by taking side roads and gravel.  We didn’t know if they’d have to stop and leave it for the night or what would happen.  Check below to find out :)

Headed down Hwy 75

Entering Yates Center

Going through stoplight at Yates Center!  It was fUnnY, someone called Doug right then and said, “Hey, I swore I just saw your house go through Yates Center?!”

Northbound on Hwy 75.  This would be the longest stretch they could take on the Hwy, which was about 25 miles.

Even got to pass our HOUSE on the highway!  wEiRd!

Doug headed to the new place and the kids and I stopped at my parent’s for lunch.  Afterward, we were on the HuNt to see if we could find it.  Not knowing where the house would be, we decided to start in Melvern and backtrack.  Much to our surprise, this is what we saw when we popped the hill!  Let’s just say…they are making great time!

Went right in front of the school I went to as a kid!

Headed north out of Melvern.

Big ThaNks to all the farmers and people on the road that day who had to pull over to let the house by!

Garrett and Leanne as we followed the house.  As you can see, it can be eXhaUstiNg..and ExCitiNg!  :)

Police escort driving through downtown Lyndon!  This is where the kids will attend school.

Headed East on 268 toward Pomona.

A dUsTy trip on the gravel roads…so glad we sealed up all the doors and vents!  YiKeS!

WE MADE IT!  Victory Hug!

Pulling in the new driveway at 5:35 pm.  They made it in 8 1/2 hours!  Woot Woot!

Parking it next to the foundation!

Remember how I said God coNsTanTLy assured us that moving our house was the right thing to do?!  This is what we saw as soon as the house pulled in the yard.  Coincidence?  I think not!

We are on the home stretch! Next Friday I will share a few pictures of the house on the new location and let you in on some of our pRojEcTs we’ve already done in the last 4 weeks to make our place more like HOME!

 If you have missed my other posts leading up to this point read Why Move A House? , Demo WorkMoving Day and Moving Our House!

Again, we give all the credit to Unruh House Movers!  What an awesome crew!




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Moving Our House: Lifting It Off the Foundation

The next step in moving our house was lifting it off of the foundation.  The movers came on a Monday morning and by the end of the day Tuesday it was lifted up on the truck, ready to travel north on Wednesday morning.

Here is the side of the house.  You can see it LiFteD on the beams.

Looking into our basement.  See the hole in the cement in the top right corner?  They had to jackhammer out holes so the beams could slide through. YowZah!

They used large blocks of wood (like railroad ties) and stacked them up to keep the house from dropping on the foundation. Kinda LooKeD like they were playing Jenga!

Remember when we had to remove the bottom part of my office wall?  Here you can see why!  They ran horitontal pieces of wood so the beams would HoLd up the garage.

This is the door to my office.  We had to tape all the doors and vents to minimize the dust during the move!

Did I ever mention the COOLEST thing about the move??  We got to leave everything in it!!  It was awesome!  We packed up our fragile stuff and set it on the floor and moved furniture together to keep things secure.  Think of it as a decorated Uhaul truck…with windows!

The kid’s room was a GrEaT catch-all spot!

Here’s the back of the house, which will actually be the new FRONT of our house in the new location.  That’s right!  We are going to add on a sunroom and make this the new entry for our house!

Once it is moved, this will be the back of the house, which will lead out to our new deck.  The perks of moving a house…you can flip flop the overall look!

~~~~~~~~~~THE NIGHT BEFORE THE MOVE~~~~~~~~~~

Scott and Robynn were so GeNeRouS to allow us to stay with them from Monday-Wednesday morning, while the house was being lifted.  On Tuesday night we all went out to see the progress.  The movers had been busy!

Pictured below is the existing cement from our garage.

Looking south, with the house on the truck, ready to move!



Remember all of the pavers we picked up from the patio?  You can see the lines that they left below.  Glad that project is done :)

Thumbs up!  We are getting closer!

Check out the roof!  They attached thin pieces of wood to help limbs from catching the pipes during travel.

Family picture!

Come back next Friday to see the pictures of it driving down the road and going through the small towns along the way!  If you have missed my other posts leading up to this point read Why Move A House? and Demo Work and Moving Day!

We give all the credit to Unruh House Movers!  What an awesome crew!



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Why MOVE a house?

Well I’m not going to lie, we thought the idea was cRaZy too.  We had been trying to sell our home for over 1 ½ years and weren’t having any luck.   We wanted to move about 80 miles north so we could live closer to family and live on Doug’s 5th generation fArM.

Front of House–Old Location

Back of House–Old Location

Mid-February we discovered how sobering it was to take a loss on the house (in order to get it sold) and spend mOrE money to get the same house in our new location.  We liked our house.  It was the first home we ever bought and we enjoyed the layout.  It was nothing fancy, just a simple home with LoTs oF LoVe.  I’ll never forget the conversation when Doug laughed saying, “Too bad we couldn’t just take it with us!”

As extreme as the idea was, we researched to confirm that it was in fact CrAzY.  Much to our surprise we wasn’t so WiLd after all!  From day one we were impressed with Unruh House Movers and it became more and more apparent that this was the door God opened for us.   After meeting their crew, getting the final bid, and not having any hang-ups in the planning process, we were confident this was the direction we were suppose to go.

I don’t know about you, but all the things in my life that didn’t seem “forced” have been the things that bring me the most JoY (and the least amount of stress)!  We can all relate to situations that we tried to control, and they never seem to work out like we’d hoped. I cannot TELL you how many hang-ups we had while trying to sell our house yet, once we checked into a HOUSE MOVE, the process came with little difficulty.

We committed with Unruh’s House Movers on April 16th and found a crew that dug our new basement one week later. (see what I mean about it being a God thing?)!

OUR NEW LOCATION! Didn’t hit any rock and got the basement dug in 1 day!

At home, the first thing we did was start pulling up ALL of our patio pavers.  If we were going to move, we wanted to take as much with us as we could!

Nothing like picking up over 200 pavers that we laid a few years ago! Eekk!

Come back next Friday for some more pictures of the demo work needed to prep our house for the move!



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