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Moving A House: Demo Work

In order to MOVE our house, we had to change the overall shape so it could travel a little easier :).  First, we had to rEmoVe our mudroom/sunroom area.  We were bummed because we finished it a few years ago.  It felt a little weird tearing it down so soon!

To save time, Doug and I used the jigsaw to cut out a big piece of the wall we were tearing out, picked it up, and then screwed it back together for our new “temporary wall”.  We made an opening for the door and viola!  Easy afternoon ProJect ;)

My (awesome) Dad helped me rip up the tile and floor from our old mudroom.  He was a HUGE help!

Here is a picture of the back of the house.  It is prepped and ready.  ChEcK!

Remember my office?  We converted half of our garage into my new office a couple of years ago.

Yep…that’s right.  We had to rip this out too. (tear!)  BUT all we had to do is remove the bottom 4 feet of the sheet rock throughout the entire room (so they could put support beams up during the move).  I secretly always wanted wainscoting half-way up my office wall anyway, so this was a bLeSsiNg and not a curse, right?!

Next, the basement!  We had to remove anything that hung below the floor, so that meant removing the walls…and the stairs.  This got a bit MeSsY!

And all the ventilation…luckily my Dad suggested that we mark all of the vents and the floor joists with letters, so it would be eAsiEr to hang back up.  Boy was he right!  Doug and I were able to get them hung on a Sunday afternoon after the house was on the new foundation! Yeah!

The last major demo project was the front porch.  Had to take that off too. Once we were FiNisHed our house was a perfect rectangle, perfect for hitting the road!

Exterior demo CoMpLeTe!  Check!

Now all we need are the moving trucks!  Come back next Friday to see the house get lifted!


P.S. All Mom’s know how much of a handful it is to watch kids during any type of project.  A big thanks to my MOM for watching my kids so Doug, Dad and I could get most of the final demolition accomplished in a weekend! 


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Moving Day!

To most people, MoViNg DaY consists of packing up boxes and hauling furniture into a U-Haul or Budget truck.  When our moving truck pulled into the yard last week, this is what it read:

That’s right!  We MOVED our house!  Let me tell ya, God works in such amazing ways.  There is no way we would have made this decision if God didn’t make it so easy on us.  He guided us every step of the way and the outcome was better than we could have ever planned on our own.

In the upcoming months I will be sharing pictures of the process, the work required to make it happen, our definition of “moving”, and all the other crazy things I did (like giving our kitchen a major facelift only a couple weeks before the move!).

It has been an unforgettable time of our life, but like I said in a previous post, we’ve done well at soaking it all in and making the best of the chaos.

I look forward to sharing this with you!  Be sure to check in next Friday for more!



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