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Back to Reality

Last week I tagged along with Doug as he had a conference on the Big Island of Hawaii! We had a really great time! The hardest thing about coming back from a trip like that (or a spiritual weekend retreat) is that you immediately are faced with REALITY. It is so easy to have all of these wonderful plans, thoughts and ideas of how you want things to be when you return and the BAM you are faced with sick kids, bills, work, etc.

Doug and I discussed this dilemma. During our vacation we read a couple of books that imPacTed our lives greatly. We knew that coming back would be hard because it is much easier to have your priorities in order when relaxing on vacation. Living a week without a time schedule and work makes life so siMple….but unfortunately that is not reality!

So what do I do? My best advice is to suRroUnd yourself with people who support your new way of thinking. If you can’t find support right away then jot down your ideas on paper to serve as reminders. Place those thoughts on a bulletin board or in areas of the house that you will stumble across during the day to help hold you aCcouNtable. Realistically, even those ideas will only last temporarily and the realness of your day-to-day routine will try to take over. This will be an ongoing process, but no reason to give up entirely. Continue to search for ways to keep you on track and, if all else fails, schedule another getaway (like a day without kids or distractions) in the next 6 months that will allow you to regroup your thoughts!



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Do you ever have days when you eat everything in the house and you still feel unsatisfied?  And then as you are frantically trying to find your hidden candy stash you scream inside, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING? STOP EATING!!  WHY ARE YOU STILL EATING?!”

Even though I normally stay within 5 pounds of my healthy weight (besides when I’m pregnant) I still have days when I fall off the deep end.  Thinking that it will make me FeeL better, I eat everything in sight, when in fact it only makes me feel worse and causes me to eat more.  I basically give up on myself and hOpE that tomorrow is a better day (when many times it isn’t because I feel horrible the next morning!)

I’ll be hoNesT; I don’t have a glorious ending to this post.  I’m just writing to say that no matter what size or weight you are, some days are just TOUGH.  Have you ever stuck to a diet for weeks or months and then, for whatever reason, you lose control and gain all the weight back?  Probably, yes.  The reAliTy is, even in the most perfect circumstances PeaCe wItH FoOd won’t always be as peaceful as it sounds.

Speaking of which, I don’t know about you but the holiday goodies are making this “eating stuff” even more difficult.  I’m trying to sample in moderation, but again…trying to be real with you…it is a struggle and some days I just give up.

Confession: Right before I sat down to write this post, I had inTenTions of ending my horrible eating day with a glass of milk and cookies.  I just happened to text my sis and she said she was at the gym.  Hearing from her is what it took to “snap out of it”.  Instead, I’ve opted to write you and sAvE myself the extra calories and disappointment I would have felt in 10 minutes.  Thank you sis and to you readers for detouring my thoughts so my day could end better than expected!

You are NEVER alone.


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The Grass Is Always Greener

Some of the best advice my parents gave me was this: If you ever want what someone else has, then be prepared to take all that comes with it!

It is easy to look at another person’s life and pick and choose what we would want for our own, but be sure to ReMinD yourself that no situation is PERFECT. Being a celebrity would mean wealth and fame but it also means being followed by paparazzi and never getting privacy. Being a successful business owner means having the freedom of being your own boss but it also means working around the clock. I’m not saying that these positions are bad, but it is easy to only want one part of that life without the other. Unfortunately picking and choosing isn’t ReaLitY.

When finding yourself discouraged that your life isn’t as good as the family down the street, be sure to look closely at everything that comes with it. Often times you’ll realize that switching lives with them may not be worth giving up all the bLeSSinGs you have after all!


(Thanks Mom and Dad for helping me realize this VERY early in life. I wouldn’t change my life growing up as a farm kid for anything!)


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This Is Not Reality!

I walked past this Barbie, and had to think, “Get a ReaLitY cHeCk!” I’m not talking to myself here and I’m certainly not talking to you, but rather those responsible for selling us this bill of goods – the media, pop culture, Hollywood, and anyone else wanting us to believe the insidious lie that we need to look this perfect.

To PuT it iN pErSpEcTive, consider this:  Could you look like this Barbie (or the picture perfect celebrities we see gracing the covers of magazines in the grocery store checkout isles) if:

You had a full-time hairdresser and makeup artist getting you ready every day?  Well, “Maybe.” You say, but I’m _____ pounds overweight, so “Maybe not.”  I’m glad you brought that up because I failed to mention that you also have a personal trainer who monitors your daily exercise, weight, etc.  They even make house calls.  Exercise not producing the desired results?  Plastic surgery isn’t just an option; it’s a WaY of LiFe for you, Baby!

You’re thinking that you’re getting closer, but still there’s the issue of eating right.  Not to worry, because you also have aT yOuR diSpoSaL a dietitian who will carefully plan your meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner, so that you know you are eating the right amounts of protein, carbs, and fats.  I can hear you saying, “That’s all well and good, but I get home from work exhausted, needing to cook dinner, my kids have activities and homework, I have to pay the bills, pick up the house, schedule appointments, and shop for groceries.”  Not to worry, because although you may work hard, you have a chef, a nanny, a personal assistant, a chauffeur, a manager, as well as someone who shops for you, pays the bills for you, cleans for you, picks up your messes, and yes, eVeN tHinKs fOr yoU.

Now before anyone gets upset thinking I’m blasting these women who live this life, understand that my criticism is targeted not at them or their lifestyle, but rather at the ImPosSibLe and uNreAlisTic sTanDaRd that is projected on women by society.  If you have acquired these kinds of resources, use them for God’s glory and thank God for them.

However, most women do not have the resources that these extremely affluent women have.  Instead, they dO tHe BeSt they can with what they have.  This is their reality.  They are married, single, divorced, widowed, with children, without children.  Women who cook, clean, pay the bills, deal with financial pressures, grocery shop, wipe snotty noses, cart kids around, make appointments, and manage all the other affairs of their household.  Its no wonder that they have little if any time to think about themselves.

This reminds me of the ProVerbs 31 Woman. If you get a chance today, I encourage you to take a few minutes to read it.  You may see yourself on these pages. http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=proverbs%2031&version=NIV

But notice how the standard is not perfection and outward beauty.  Verse 30 says it all:

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.

What a breath of FrEsH AiR! Finally a standard that is actually possible to attain!!


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