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Cloth Diapers Rock!


1-Because they save money.

2-Because they keep the earth clean.

3-Because you can reuse them for multiple kids.

4-Because if you get the “one size” they can be worn from birth to 3+years!

5-Because they are cute and now come in adorable colors!

6-Because if you take good care of your diapers you could sell them and get even more bang for your buck!

There are many more benefits!  If interested click here.

I didn’t even know modern cloth diapers existed until a couple of years ago.  A friend said she was thinking about getting some and I immediately thought, “No way!  I don’t want to deal with those pins poking me and the plastic piece to avoid leaks!”  Boy was I wrong.   Over the years cloth diapers have become easy to use and super cute!

A couple confessions…there are things that I don’t like about cloth diapers, but I choose to use them because I feel they are a good investment and I feel better knowing my diapers aren’t sitting in a landfill.

Things to be aware of:

1-You will have to wash dirty diapers every 2-3 days.

2-You may have to change diapers more often than with a disposable (depending on your kiddo)

3-When your kiddo needs a double insert (like for a long nap) their pants/bottoms will appear bulkier b/c the more inserts = a fuller diaper.

I can’t go into all the details about cloth diapering, or I’ll end up writing a novel :)  I use cloth wipes too, which add to the savings! I got my diapers from fuzzibunz.com and have been really happy with them.  Here is a video on the “one size” diapers, which I prefer so I can use them as they grow:

As you can see, there are tons of videos and information on the web, so do some research and see what best fits your needs!  Pass this a long to any parent-to-be.  Many women are not aware of cloth diapers and all the benefits it has to offer!

Happy Diapering!



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