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What’s Your 9-Day Promise?

With the “LiVe-It LiSt” challenge starting on January 1st, we have not only been encouraging our readers to work on their list, but have been tweeking ours, as well.  We’ll continue to share some of those items in hopes to give you ideas, as well as inpire and motivate.  One of our items on our list is SeLf-ImProVeMeNt.  Instead of waiting until the New Year we are making a nine-day ProMise to ourselves.  The promise is not perfection.  We may fall off the bandwagon, but we commit to get right back on.  To ReMiNd ourselves of the promise we’ve made to ourself, we are each doing something unique.  (See below).

Lara says – “Whenever I start to worry or become anxious I am going to say the prayer of Hail Mary.”

Lara's Reminder

Robyn (Jersy Girl) says – “I am going to try and be a patient Mommy and not “lose it” when things get out of control.”

Robyn's Reminder

Robynn says – “I’m showing kindness with words by not saying anything unkind to or about someone.”

Robynn's Reminder

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Strong-Willed Child – The Challenge (Wk 14)

Do you have one?  A StRoNg-WiLLeD ChiLd, that is.  I actually have two, but my youngest is the one with the strongest will.  You better believe that she can throw a full-fledged fit and scream at the top of her lungs for hours on end.  Literally.  I wonder how I ended up with not one, but two of these precious little darlings.  After all, I was the compliant child and what you sow you reap, right?

My response to this mayhem?  I refuse to be manhandled by a 3-year old.  So, BriNg iT DaRLiN’ because If wE tAnGo I promise you, I will always win.   I do tell her that frequently.  We even rehearse this dialog often:

MOM:  “Who is in charge?”

CHILD:  “You are.”

MOM:  “So, that means that who is NOT in charge?”

CHILD:  “We (her and her sister) are not in charge.”

Besides my children, there is another strong-willed child I have to deal with almost every day –  a.k.a. ME!!  It’s that undisciplined part of me that only wants convenience and comfort.  It willingly cooperates, but only if it doesn’t involve sacrifice and hardship of any kind.

This strong-willed child is my public enemy number one.  It is 99% of my problems.  It’s what stands between me and my goals.  It refuses to cooperate with my plans, wants its own way, and will throw a fit if it doesn’t get it.

How do I handle this strong-willed child?  The same way I handle my strong-willed 3-year old.  Sheer determination to be the LaSt oNe StAnDiNg.   Feelings, comfort, and convenience will have to take backseat, because I will win this one.  I promise.


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