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My husband and I have had a lot of changes in our life recently.  Without thinking about it I have felt the need to want to RuSh through the unpleasant times and fAst foRwaRd to the days that I dream about everything being perfect (clean house, perfectly behaved kids, more free time, etc).  How many posts have I written about life not being perfect???  You would think I’d have it down by now :)

Is there something going on in your life that is making you want to hurry through? 

If you step back and evaluate, what are the good parts of the unpleasant moments that you are missing out on simply because you are in a rush to fast forward through this time?

These questions iMpaCt me every time I read them because I am a person that tends to rush through everything.  I want to get to a place where my kids don’t destroy everything in my house.  I want to speed through dropping those “last few pounds” so I can finally fit into that dress I bought.  I want to erase an awkward moment with a friend and skip ahead to a time that I didn’t feel so uncomfortable.

But you know what I have to give up to finally reach that perfect TiMe?  Hearing my kids say adorable words and run to me for constant hugs and kisses….enjoying eating a surprise meal that my husband made for me and saying “YES” to unplanned trips to Dairy Queen with the kids…and special moments with a dear friend that I would never experience because I skipped ahead.

If you are stressed, miserable, sad, whatever it is….PAUSE for a minute.  What good things are you missing out on because you are rushing through this difficult time?  It is only natural to start feeling guilty at this point but STOP, don’t do that!  START now and focus on the special moments TODAY that you will never get back.  Even though there are some things you don’t enjoy right now, force yourself to focus on the good.  Not only will it help alleviate discomfort but you will cherish special moments that you would have otherwise missed.



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Don’t Get Caught Up in the Catch Up

How long is that to-do list of yours?  2 pages?  20 items? How many times have you made pRoMises to your loved ones that as soon as your list is marked off then life will be better and you will be able to FINALLY give them your full attention?

Having lists can be a good thing.  I am a list person.  But, I’ve learned that how you HANDLE your list all comes down to how you LOOK at your list.  Do you really think that once you check off every item your “to do’s” will be obsolete?  We all know that as soon as the LIST is complete, the next page is already full of new tasks to work on.

Folding clothes, cleaning out the car or running errands will always be the norm, but does that mean I have to get them all accomplished today?  No!  Some things are more pressing than others, but if we truly eXamiNe our lists we will realize that most things can be pushed off until later.  Doesn’t your list contain mostly materialistic things anyway?  Is that really worth stressing over?  Last I knew you can’t take those things with you to eternity, so why fret?!

If you are getting overwhelmed by having a continuous to-do list, change yor way of thinking.  Treat your list as a GUIDE to keep you on track with things you want to accomplish.  Don’t allow it to be something that weighs you down because you haven’t marked it off yet.  More importantly, if you spend more time doing the things that matter most—time with family, quiet time, etc—there is no reason to feel bad about putting off your materialistic “to-dos”.  Shouldn’t those be the items as the top of your daily to-do list anyway?


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Make your Priorities Convenient

Ever since I started dAtiNg Doug, we have always tried to read a daily devotion from our “Word Among Us” booklet we get every month.  I remember how SimPle it was to get this task
accomplished in the dating and pre-kid days. There was very little room for excuses on why we couldn’t find a few minutes to do this together, especially when the booklet was always left where we read it the day before.

Fast forward 7 ½ years and for some reason the little booklet gets moved all around the house, with little fingerprints as the EvideNce on why it ends up in the toy box or jammed in the VCR.  Every night when we go to bed, I reach for it on the nightstand, and sure enough, it is missing once again.  I always tell myself that I’ll try to “find it tomorrow” and put it in a more hidden place, and then we roll over and fall asleep.

We all know how EaSy it is to push some important priorities off to tomorrow, but the sad thing is tomorrow turned into months and because of that it has caused us to not be as diScipliNed into praying together on a nightly basis.  So TODAY, as I happened to discover the booklet once again, I made a point to tuck it underneath the mattress so no little fingers could find it. What a simple SoluTion to something that I put off for months, and I immediately feel like I have a better balance in my life by a small change I made in a matter of minutes.

If there is something important in your life that you “should” be doing, but you keep pushing it off for tomorrow, I encourage you to mark it down on your to-do list for TODAY.  If the priority needs to be done on a daily basis (such as taking daily vitamins, putting on moisturizer, writing down what you spent the day before, etc) take the extra time to make sure it is ConveNient to accomplish so you aren’t so quick to push it off for tomorrow…


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