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Blessing and a Curse

No matter who you are or where you came from, we all have CharacTerisTics that can serve as a blessing and a curse.  Maybe you are GeneRous with money, which could cause you to struggle managing your finances. Maybe you are easy to get along with, but when it comes to standing up to people, you avoid conflict.

I have always been a planner.  This QuaLity is a huge asset when it comes to being a reliable source for others, organizing events and activities, or budgeting money.  On the other hand, being a planner is extremely hard in situations that are beyond your control and require you to “let go”.

It is easy to get down on yourself when you FocUs on the negative qualities of who you are.  No individual is perfect, and we all have qualities that are in constant need of polishing.  Acknowledging your weaknesses is a huge step in the right direction. Although it may always be a work in progress, you will be a BettEr person than if you’d never worked on it at all.


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It Isn’t Always Easy

Have you ever been really pAtient and pOsitiVe about a situation and it still didn’t pan out the way you had hoped?  In those moments it is easy to want to “throw in the towel” and let all upbeat thoughts dissipate.  Then you start to wonder, why waste so much eNerGy trying to be optimistic all the time?

Being a positive person isn’t always easy.  A negative attitude takes less effort and low expectations keep you from being easily disappointed.  Although this is the outlook of many, I’m a bElieveR that being positive is hArder, But bEtteR.  Although we have to constantly motivate ourselves to find the good out of a bad situation, I’d rather work hard at feeling good vs. work less and feel bad.

So next time things don’t go your way and you want to kick your positive attitude to the curb, remind yourself that good things happen for those who work HARD and WAiT OuT tHe StOrM.  Negative efforts give quick relief but the positive ones give eTerNal haPpineSs.


(This picture was taken from our yard this past spring.  We have been blessed to have many breathtaking rainbows from our front porch!)

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“Smokin’ Hot!” – The Challenge (Wk 12)

Like it or not, the people you are hanging out with play a big role in regards to wHeRe and WhO you will be in 5 years.  Are the people in your life raising you up to help you fulfill your potential or dragging you down?  Are they inspiring, positive and motivating or are they negative and critical?  Do they seem to suck the life out of everything or are they LiFe-GiVinG? 

My husband recently shared this quote with me:

“SmaLL pEopLe talk about other PeOpLe, AvEragE peOpLe talk about ThiNgS, GrEaT pEoPle talk about IdEaS.” 

That’s one thing I really appreciate about Lara.  She’s an IdeA PerSon.  As a result, I get inspired.  Everytime I talk to her I feel like I am leaving “smokin’ hot” with new ideas!

Who are the people in your life who make you a better person?  Is it time for some new relationships?   Time for a new CiRcLe oF FrIeNdS?   Because you’re gonna blink and your 5 years will be up.



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Some Days I Want To…

…and not in the fun “YAY” sort of way.  Yesterday was one of those days.  On the outside I was CaLm, but inside I wanted to shout!   It started with fussy kids, spilling oatmeal on the floor, forgetting we had an appointment that morning and unfortunately spiraled out of control from there.  Sound familiar?

Some days I wonder WhYI try and do what I do.  The inevitable always happens…the kids spill juice on newly cleaned carpet or I get swamped with orders the week my husband is out-of-town.  Some days F E E L like I can’t catch a break!

To survive days like these I have to remind myself I am normal.  We all have rough days and despite our attempts at staying PoSiTiVe, don’t always end how we hoped.  Luckily those days don’t last forever, and when they do, I don’t have to be so hard on myself.  These days are NORMAL so give yourself a break!



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What If…

After the devastation of the Joplin tornado and all of the threatening weather last week, I can’t help but mention that I’ve had several moments when my MIND began to ponder the “what if’s”. What if I and/or my family doesn’t survive a tornado? Although the chance of us ever being in a tornado are extremely low (I’ve lived in KS nearly all my life and haven’t even seen one!), have you noticed life can cycle through these feelings of insecurity?  I may experience the HappiesT day ever and then wake up the next morning with subtle feelings of fear, worry or anxiousness.  How frustrating!

It is easy for our minds to drift to these thoughts, but as I get older I ‘m better at ConTrolliNg these feelings.  Yes, all of the “what if’s” are frightening, but I heard a priest once say, “Worrying about something won’t add any more time onto your life.”  So true!

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I figure the only option is to stay optimistic.  I try to live each day as if it were my last, but also try and live as if my family will live to be 100.  Who knows, we may be the lucky ones that have a LONG healthy LIFE and nothing to worry about!  I just know that PositiVe ThinKing sure helps me sleep better at night.  Don’t let the devil win this battle…God gives us a life that is too sweet to waste, so make the best of what you have now. 




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