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It is so EaSy to get caught up in every thing that is going “WrOnG” in our life that we can ToTallY miss ALL the good things that have happened to us.  If you’re in the habit of attending PiTy PaRtiEs for yourself, why not try having a GrAtiTuDe PaRty and CouNt all the BleSsInGs you have in your life.  Maybe you are struggling financially, but do you have your health or people you LoVe?  Maybe your issues are health ones, but do you have trusted FrIenDs or FaiTh In GoD?

One of the ItEmS on my “LiVe It” list is to list 100 GoOd THinGs that have happened in my LiFe.  I hope to keep it handy for those days when things just don’t seem to go my way. 

Is it time for you to make your LiSt?



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