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Put Your Blinders On

Do you make decisions based on the people around you?  DeeP dOwN did you decide to buy a new car because all your friends and family recently upgraded theirs?  Did you put your kid in t-ball because you felt the pressure from the other parents?  Have you recently felt the need to go on an extreme diet because you bumped into an old classmate that lost a bunch of weight?

Whether it is what you buy, the vocation you choose, how you raise your kids, or the way you live your life, we must ask ourselves this question:

If I couldn’t see others and what they are doing, would I still be making the same decisions? 


So many times we forget to think on our own because we are heavily influenced by other people.  Doug and I talk about this a lot.  In our decison making we have to constantly remind ourselves that, if we didn’t care what others thought, would we still go down the same path?

Taking buying a home for example.  Would you have purchased your home if you didn’t know what type of home everyone else lived in? Without thinking about it, you went house hunting feeling obligated to want certain things because you knew what other people have.  Even though they weren’t there, the influence talked you into buying an expensive home, and you are left with the stress of keeping up with the payments.   (If you are in a financial struggle, read our finance posts for help)

When you are at a crossroad to make a decision, ask yourself WHO you are doing it for. Like a race horse with blinders on, tune out what’s going on around you and focus on what YOU want.  It isn’t always easy, but living YOUR life will be the ulimate pRiZe when reaching the finish line. 


Tired of keeping up with the Jonses?  Read my post called Goodbye Jonses! Hello Freedom!


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You Are Who You Hang Around

If you want your life to head in a certain diRection, you’ll get the best results by surrounding yourself with people that “liVe” the life you are striving for.

My husband I have found that ImProving our marriage, finances, parenting or how we treat other people, is much eAsiEr when we hang out with friends that push us to improve in all of these areas. Our friends don’t necessarily have to talk about these things, but simply hanging around them and observing their acTioNs keep us in check!

Are you hanging out with people that help you become a better “YOU”?  Are you being a good exaMple to your friends?  The people you spend the most time with will refLeCt the direction of your life.  What diRecTion are you headed?



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