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“Before” and “During” Pictures of our House

It has been a while since I updated you on our HOuSe!  As most of you know, last summer we had our house lifted and moved to our new farm.  It traveled over 100 miles!  Here is a picture of what it looked like shortly after it was moved and set back down on a new basement foundation:July 2012

Over the past 16 months we have added on a new “front” to the house.  In August I began painting the exterior–which still needs to get finished–but already has helped improve the overall look.  We have many “phases” of the house we need to complete before it becomes our “dReaM” home.  Since our current garage is used as my office/woodshop, our next plan is to extend the garage and have a porch which will connect the new garage and current front door area.  Not sure how soon this will happen, but in the meantime I am enjoying each new phase of seeing it come together.

Sept 2013

Sept 2013

Many of you wonder how our house has held up after traveling such a long distance.  There were only a few hairline cracks in the sheetrock above the interior doors but besides that, you’d never know it went through such a haul!  We continue to feel blessed about the entire process of the move and are glad we stuck with our CrAzY idea ;)  We couldn’t be happier in our new location and look forward to making more memories in the first house we ever purchased (just with a different landscape)!

To read about the MOVING journey, click below in the following order:

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Paint Your Countertops/Kitchen Makeover

When we MoVed back to Kansas a few years ago, the counters in my new kitchen were not very pretty.  They were off-white with light pink and light blue stripes!  EeKk!  I didn’t want to buy new countertops, and after doing some research I disCovEred that you can paint them (this was before Rustoleum started making their own DIY countertop kits!)  I don’t have a before picture, but here is a couple AFTER pics!

Up CLoSe!

A good friend saw them and wanted me to give her kitchen a new look.  Here is a BEFORE picture!

And AFTER….drumroll….!!!

As you can see, I painted the countertops, we painted the walls, touched up the cabinets and spray painted the existing hardware!  We were able to transform this kitchen for $150!  For instructions on how I painted these countertops CLICK HERE.

Doesn’t this get you ExciTed to tackle a room in your home?  Paint can go such a long way!

Happy Transforming!


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