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Declutter Your Life

In the last month or so I have made a lot of ChaNgeS in my life.  First off, I recently had another garage sale which proved to be just as successful as the one in the fall.  I finally have a clutter free home.  I made a point to go through EVERYTHING, and if I didn’t LOVE IT, I sold it.  There were things that were hard to get rid of, mainly due to habit and feeling like I “had” to keep it around the house “just in case”.  Let me tell ya, it was worth it because everything is organized and I can keep better tabs on what we need and what we don’t. declutter-wordle1

Once I was able to declutter my home, it was only natural to want to DecLutteR other areas of my life.  Several weeks ago, Robyn wrote a post called iPhone Mommy.  It struck a chord with me.  For months I had been feeling like the internet and social media were a huge distraction and temptation.  I wish I was like those of you that are disciplined when it comes to social media, but I am not.  I kept making excuses that I HAD to check my facebook several times a day to make sure I wasn’t missing personal messages or notifications from groups I am involved in.  Robyn’s post motivated me to make some cHaNgeS once and for all.  I tied up lose ends with my personal FB messages and notified leaders to any of my groups.  I told these people that I wouldn’t be checking facebook as often and to contact me via email or phone if they needed something right away.  Everyone has been very understanding and I guess I figured if someone needed me bad enough, they could find a way.  It was really that simple!  Now, I only check facebook once every couple of weeks, which allows me to catch up on information or messages I may have missed!

To take things one step further, I changed the settings on my phone so I no longer get an email “ring” for new emails AND I deleted the facebook icon so I’m not tempted to check it.  This has made a huge difference when I am around my kids.  My phone isn’t dinging all the time and we spend more quality time together in random places.  When we use to wait in the car I would sit there and read the internet while they were in the backseat.  Now we try to play games or talk about fun stuff!  In addition, if we are playing and the phone rings, I don’t answer when I feel like the kids are really engaged in what we are doing.  Several times they’ve asked, “Mom, aren’t you going to get the phone?” and I say, “No, I want to play with you right now.”  The look and smile on their faces when I say that….PRICELESS :)

Last but not least, I am writing to say that Robynn, Robyn (Jersey Girl) and I are going to take the summer off in regards to blog posting.  We don’t want to give it up for good because we really enjoy writing and sHaRinG things with you.  But, like we talk about so often, if it doesn’t bring you PEACE then you need to make some changes.  Now that the kids are going to be home all summer we feel that not being tied to anything (a.k.a the blog) will bring us the most peace.  We know you understand, and we thank you for that.  The plan is to pick up in September once kiddos are back in the grind of school.  I didn’t even put a dent in my “Home Makeover Series” so I hope to share more of that with you, along with the normal LIFE posts that I share.

I hope that this lengthy (sorry! *wink*) post has encouraged you to declutter areas in your own life.  I cannot tell you how much jOy and fReedoM it has brought to mine.

Have a wonderful and memorable summer and we look forward to writing in the fall!




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Cupcake Crazed!

Not only do I LoVe eating cupcakes, but I also LoVe baking them!  Sometimes I think one of the reasons I wanted to be a mom so badly was so that I could make cupcakes for my kids to bring in to school on holidays!  When I taught 1st grade I found any and every excuse to bake cupcakes for my kiddies including cupcakes with blue icing and little baseball gloves on them to tell the class I was having a baby boy when I was pregnant with Nicholas!  With all this cupcake baking comes quite a HUGE collection of cupcake liners.  I’m starting to think that buying cupcake liners is somewhat of a mini-obsession for me.  Especially after doing this post.  I have now come to the realization that I can throw a baby shower, baptism, Superbowl bash, dinosaur dig, princess tea, and that doesn’t include your general calendar holidays!  My cabinet was overflowing and I couldn’t figure out a good system for storing the many, many, MaNy liners that I had, but I knew that something had to give or the next time I went to bake cupcakes they were all going to come crashing down and I was going to have a big mess to clean up.  I looked around for containers at the dollar stores, but there really wasn’t anything that I thought would work so I went through things I had at home.  While drinking Seltzer the other night it occurred to me that the bottle was the exact size to hold the liners and it was the perfect height to fit in my cabinet.  We drink Seltzer by the case in our house so all I had to do was take a few out of recycling and soak off the labels.  Now I have the perfect system for organizing and storing my cupcake liners, tons of new-found cabinet space, and it didn’t cost me a dime!

Cabinet before shot

Remove labels and cut off tops of bottles

Fill with cupcake liners

Cabinet after shot!

~Robyn (Jersey Girl)


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Clean House!

So as I was tripping out my backdoor on Monday…and when I say tripping, I mean my foot got caught in the strap of a beach bag that had been sitting in the doorway for over a month…I decided that this was the day I was finally going to TaKe BaCk My HoUse! As you can clearly see from my before picture, possibly I have been spending a little too much time crafting, blogging, playing, facebooking, pinteresting, etc. and not quite enough time keeping things in order around here.  I’m not sure if my foot in the beach bag was what pushed me over the edge or if it was the fear of my coffee spilling over, but who really cares…a two second incident was all it took to make me realize something needed to give.  OK…looking at the before picture…LOTS of things needed to give!

My husband was skeptical at first as he always is when I go on my organizing crazes, but I think part of him was also just happy that I was finally going through the gigantic pile of shoes, coats, and bags that had accumulated by the back door that he just humored me.  With a little help from Target I am thrilled with the results and so are my kids.  They love having their own cubbies to put their shoes in when they come home and it helps teach them to be responsible.  A lot of the other stuff I used to spruce up the area I had lying around the house not being used.  Even my husband was shocked at the transformation!

Is there an area in your home that wouldn’t take much to spruce up but keeps getting ignored?  Take a look around at things you already have that you aren’t using.  Maybe they will work to revamp another room in your home.  You’ll be surprised what you find once you start looking around!  Happy hunting!

~Robyn (Jersey Girl)


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Let’s Get Organized!

It’s that time of year when I am itching to get my house in oRdEr!  Below are some pictures I grabbed from pinterest to help me get started orGaniZing!!

Cool Way to Organize Ribbon and Thread

Great Way to Organize Kid Crafts!

Fabric covered cardboard boxes. Neat and inexpensive storage idea!

Use Cans and Magnets to Organize! This would be a cheap way to organize your fridge door!

Binder Clips to Organize Cords

Mason Jar Organization - cute!

Use Baskets to Organize!

Garage Organization: Create Recycle Bin Hangers

Transient item organization

Kitchen Sink Cabinet Organized w/ Tension Rod

Hope this helps get you movin’!  Happy Organizing!


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Kid Stuff Clean Up

Are the piles of toys in your house getting too big for the bins that you bought to store them in?  If you’re thinking “YES THEY ARE!”…join the club!  I was so tired of my kids taking their puzzles and games out of their boxes and leaving the pieces all over the place that I decided to get rid of the bulky boxes all together.  Check out my space-saving system.

Puzzle boxes, card games, and memory.

Storage bags and a box to hold everything.

Cut out the picture of the puzzle from the box and store it in the bag with the puzzle pieces!

Much better!


~Robyn (Jersey Girl)

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Biggest Bang For Your Buck {Cleaning/Organizing A Bedroom}

I always ask my girls when we go to clean their room what is the “biggest bang for their buck” to which they respond, “MaKinG oUr BeD.”  It’s always the first thing we do when we clean-up their bedroom.  And not only is it the thing that takes the least amount of time, it makes the room look 90% beTteR!  So, if cleaning and organizing isn’t your thing, but you are trying to do better in this area, this is a great starting point!  Not only will it make the room look significantly better, it may give you the boost you need to KeEp GoiNg!!



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{Mental Drag}

One of the things that I have observed about myself is that living in a space that is DisOrgaNizEd and mEsSy is a huge drain on me mentally.  For that reason, one of the first things I do when I need to get a project completed is make sure my surroundings are in order.

Are you having difficulty getting MoTivAtEd?  If so, are you living in a mess?  If you answered “YeS” to those qustions you may want to consider trying to clean up YoUr SpAcE.  I know for me, it’s as if MeNtaL SpAcE is taken up when I am living in chaos, but a clean and organized space stimulates CrEaTiviTy and mOtivAtiOn.

What is your “mental drag”?  It may not be having a messy space, but whatever it is, what can you do to EliMinAte it or greatly ReDucE it’s effects?  Doing so may be just what it takes to get you moving in the RiGht DiRectIoN! 



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One Day at a Time

It is easy to start the year with a lot of aMbiTion (especially when you make your mile-long year “to-do’s” while being snuggled on your couch in your pajamas).  You may have found that you woke up this week excited to start the year, but 2 hours later thought, “Ugh!  How am I ever going to accOmpLish this stuff? I can’t do all of this!”

Some of my live-it list goals include doing a better job picking up after myself & spending more snuggle time with my husband in the evenings.  By noon yesterday, I was quickly reMinDed that every day would present its own curve balls, causing these goals to be more difficult to achieve.  I know there will be evenings that Doug is gone for work or days that the kids need before I finish picking up, BUT chipping away at it will be better than waiting to try again next January.

Just like anything in life, we need to take one day at a time and do the best with what each day offers.  I will still try to iMproVe in these areas, but if the day doesn’t turn out how I had hoped, there is no reason to give up for good.

If you are already feeling overwhelmed at accomplishing the goals on your list, take a step back and make reaListic expectations for yourself.  All of your goals may not happen by the end of 2012, but you will accomplish more (and feel better too!) versus having done nothing at all.

Good luck!


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