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We would like to introduce to you, RoByN CaRuSo.  She has been a guest writer for us and starting TODAY, she will be a regular writer on the Suede Sofa.  We are excited about her joining our team!  Robyn will be writing on WeDneSdaYs and on the weekends from time to time.  Her posts will be signed “JeRsEy GirL”.  Here is her story:

Jersey Girl

Growing up in the suburbs in New Jersey I had three goals:

  1. Be a high school cHeErLeAdEr (as corny as that may sound)!
  2. Teach 1st grade
  3. Be a sTaY-aT-hOmE mOm

Although the road to success wasn’t easy (see my Suede Sofa I Am…A MOM…FINALLY post). Check, check, check…I did it!

So now what do you do when you are in your early 30’s, living your dream, but have no new goals in mind?  That’s just about when Lara and Robynn came into my life and got my CrEaTiVe wheels turning!

An avid EtSy shopper, I met Lara simply because I was constantly purchasing blocks from her Letter Block Shop.  Reading about her success was enough to jump start my own Etsy shop, RoByN’s NeSt.  I have always been crafty and opening up a small business has proven to be a rewarding experience in so many ways.

Next…in comes Suede Sofa.  My blogging began with my I Am post and shortly after Lara and Robynn asked me to be a guest writer.  My FriEndShip with Lara and Robynn is unique in that we’ve never met.  What’s stopping us?  How about the fact that there are five states between us! We’ve recently set a goal to somehow meet within the next FiVe YeArS; until then there’s always email, texting, and of course the Suede Sofa!

I currently live in VeRoNa, NeW JeRsEy a small suburb about fifteen miles outside of New York City with my husband Rob.  We have two children named Nicholas and Abby. Nicholas is ALL BOY and keeps me on my toes!  Abby is a GIRLY GIRL and oh do I love her to pieces!  Before having my children I was a first grade teacher for 8 years.  Sometimes I think teaching a classroom full of 1st graders may have been easier than being a stay-at-home mom; but I wouldn’t trade it for the WorLd!

Thank you for letting me share my life with all of you!

Visit my online shop www.etsy.com/shop/triobyn

~Jersey Girl~


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When The World Stopped Turning

Teaching a class full of InNoCeNt children is exactly what I was doing “WhEn tHe WorLd StOpPeD tUrNiNg”. While my class of first graders were getting ready to have their morning snack, our school nurse came to my room and told me that two planes had crashed into the twin towers. I had just been to the World Trade Center’s BuiLdiNg 7 two days prior to see my then boyfriend, now husband’s office. He was planning on going into the office around 9:00 the morning of 9/11 to drop something off. As the nurse continued telling me that the planes were part of a terror attack and that the buildings had collapsed I could not WrAp My MiNd ArOuNd what she was saying. It was as if information that could take a lifetime to comprehend was tucked into a two minute conversation. All I could say was “My BoYfRiEnD wOrKs ThErE.” Since I had just been to his office I knew exactly how close his building was to the towers and tried to call him on my cell phone. By now it was 11:00 a.m. and cell usage in New Jersey was completely hit or miss. I finally had a voice mail come through that Rob left me at 9:00 a.m. telling me that a plane had hit the World Trade Center and that He WaS oK. I felt better but thought….ok since then another plane hit, the towers fell, and I had no idea if he had ever made it to his office. Luckily, he got a call through to me around noon and explained that he was on 31st street headed to work when the first plane hit and that he was fine. I was relieved but along with everyone else in AmErIcA that day, I felt numb. Our school finished the day with parents lined up to pick up their kids. I drove home and will never forget the sight of those two giant plumes of smoke that now replaced the buildings that I had TaKeN fOr GrAnTeD being able to view so easily every day of my life. Later that night building 7 was the third building to collapse.

Everyone has their story of where they were, how they reacted, and the change it made within them. My story doesn’t come close to anything that those who were there experienced or those who lost a loved one went through, but it will stay with me as a day that changed the world.

May we always PrAy for those who were lost and the families who suffered. Ten years later the gaping hole in the skyline remains proof that FrEeDoM iSn’T FrEe and that you must LIVE every day to it’s fullest.

Guest Writer Robyn, from  New Jersey

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Trash to Treasure

SuMmerTime has always been my favorite time of year, and living in New Jersey I am able to spend lots of time at the beach.  I was probably around 8 years old when I found my first piece of sea glass and I immediately became a CollEctor.  Over the years I’ve found thousands of pieces: green, brown, clear, aqua, and my favorite…blue!  I love Guessing if my pieces came from sunken ships, old medicine bottles, or just garbage that made it into the sea. 

Too often we get CaughT uP in our day to day routines and neglect to make time for ourselves.  Collecting sea glass has become my way of taking time out to do something for MySelf that makes me hAppy.  Whether it is gardening, scrapbooking, photography, etc…set time aside for yourself and see what “trEaSures” are waiting for you to discover!

~Guest Writer, Robyn from New Jersey

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