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{Not There Yet, But Closer}

Last Thursday, July 19th was my BiRtHdAy and I knew exactly how it was going to look.  I had the whole day drawn out in my head and it went something like this:

  • Wake up before the crack of dawn to a typical, beautiful SuMmEr morning – still, quiet (with the exception of birds chirping), and even a little cool.  (Relatively speaking)
  • Spend my early morning enjoying the quietness of the day.
  • Leave for Kansas City at 8a.m. with my family for a fun day of lunch, shopping, and hanging out.
  • Eat lunch at a new Bistro in KC that gets excellent reviews.
  • Stroll on The Plaza (I love all their pink, hot PiNk and white hanging flowers!) something I love to do once a year when it it hot outside!
  • Do some school shopping for my girls.
  • Hang out with my husband and {perfectly behaved} daughters.  (Remember I said this is how I had drawn out the day in my head.  They do not always act this way, but on this day I was sure they would!)

Instead my day went something like this:

  • Wake up at 1:30 a.m with a pounding headache.  When the alarm went off at 4 a.m. and I still had the headache I decided to go back to bed!!
  • Wake up at 6 to thunder, lightening, and rain.
  • Leave for Kansas City at 9:15a.m.
  • Instead of eating at the new bistro, I instead opted (why did I do that?!) for another restaurant.  The food did not taste good to me at all and I wished I had chosen the Bistro instead!!
  • Stroll on the Plaza for only a short time as my girls were any thing but perfectly behaved.  Leave early because this isn’t working!
  • Stop at a children’s clothing store in the mall where my girls did not want to shop for school clothes.
  • Rush home early to get back for gym class at 5:30.

As you can see, the plan in my head did not go anything like the scene that played out.  But as corny as this may sound, I can truly say I had an AwEsOmE day.  I think it is because I have learned, with the help of God, friends, the Suede Sofa and all you readers who chime in from time to time to roll with the punches, embrace what life hands you and “LiVe-It”.

And so that is what I did.  I “Lived-It” cranky kids and all and enjoyed every minute of it.  And trust me, that is a huge improvement for this perfectionist, planner who has been at times called, “Rigid”.

Towards the end of our time in KC as we were leaving Scott told me he hoped I had a good birthday (he was feeling bad for me as I still had a headache and he knew things hadn’t gone quite as expected). In that moment, I couldn’t help but to think, how BleSsEd I am.

I would never be in this place in life again.  This is the only birthday where I will have a 4-yr old and a 6-yr old.  It’s also not every year that Scott is able to take a day off of work, and be surprised by two eager little ones who had asked their dad to wake them up at 6 a.m. so they could serve me breakfast in bed – a chocolate chip pancake along with a fresh cut FloWer.  (Just one benefit of sleeping in when I had planned to do otherwise.)

As we closed out the day with gym class and swimming lessons I realized I had done something not always easy for me to do, but something I am striving to do.  I had embraced life.  And it felt good to know, although I’m not perfect, I’m making one SmAll step at a time.




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Are You Focused?

Have you stayed focused on the goals you set for yourself to accomplish before the summer months hit?  Are there areas you need to target as the weather warms up and the BBQ’s get grilling?  I think we all start out with great intentions to succeed, but somehow LiFe just gets in the way of achieving our goals.

For me the struggle continues to be diet and exercise.  I’m not going to lie…It’s been weeks since I wrote a post about starting The Lazy Girls Workout and this lazy girl has not worked out OnCe since that day.  That is unless you count a few games of freeze tag around the yard with my son, but other than that…NoThInG!

I think when life gets too hectic to find time for ourselves or when we are finding it hard to get moving (in my case literally GeT MoViNg!) it is important to find things to use a motivators.  For me it is going to be my new right out of the box Lands End bathing suit.  Don’t give up on your goals…we all have time to get back in the GaMe!

~Robyn (Jersey Girl)

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{Mental Drag}

One of the things that I have observed about myself is that living in a space that is DisOrgaNizEd and mEsSy is a huge drain on me mentally.  For that reason, one of the first things I do when I need to get a project completed is make sure my surroundings are in order.

Are you having difficulty getting MoTivAtEd?  If so, are you living in a mess?  If you answered “YeS” to those qustions you may want to consider trying to clean up YoUr SpAcE.  I know for me, it’s as if MeNtaL SpAcE is taken up when I am living in chaos, but a clean and organized space stimulates CrEaTiviTy and mOtivAtiOn.

What is your “mental drag”?  It may not be having a messy space, but whatever it is, what can you do to EliMinAte it or greatly ReDucE it’s effects?  Doing so may be just what it takes to get you moving in the RiGht DiRectIoN! 



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Sweet Beginnings

I always have a hard time getting back into the SwInG of things once Christmas and New Years are over.  I get so wrapped up in preparing for the holidays that when they are finally over I find myself without any motivation to start anything else.  To make matters worse I keep hearing about everyone starting their resolutions and I don’t even want to take down my Christmas decorations.  It is like I am in denial that the holidays are really over!

Not wanting to let the winter blues get the best of me, I knew I needed to get moving and do SoMeThInG.  Yesterday after I dropped my son off at nursery school, I decided to do something simple and bake brownies with my daughter.  It wasn’t a goal on my Live-It List and it wasn’t a huge undertaking, but it was SoMeThInG.  Not to mention they were pretty yummy and made one little 2 year old really excited to be “Mommy’s helper”.  

Are you finding it hard to get yourself going these days?  Reluctant to JuMp into your Live-It List?  Don’t feel like you need to move mountains in week one.  The year has just begun!  Do something you enjoy that makes you happy and you might just find yourself ready to tackle your goals!

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