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Feeling Like A Failure

Sunday morning I made my family breakfast.  To me, I was going “all out” as I made the kids orange juice from a frozen can and threw together a quick and easy breakfast casserole.  For a moment I felt like finding my SuPerMoM cape and attaching it to my p.j’s.  “Look at me!” I was rejoicing inside.  “I’m a pro at this Mom stuff!”

The t.v. just happened to catch my eye as I headed into the dining room.  Pioneer Woman was on the food network.  Consequently, she too was making breakfast that morning.  I enjoy watching her show and am faSciNateD by her life.  I couldn’t help but keep watching, noticing her amazing (spotless) kitchen.  She put her homemade French toast in the oven and headed off to her garden to water her flowers.  Of course, the plants were luscious and looked like something out of Better Homes and Garden.  Everything was perfect, clear down to the beauty of the garden hose (I know…is that even possible?!)!  Once breakfast was ready she told her daughter to “grab the hot syrup I have warming on the stove”.  As I watched the hot syrup flow out of the beautiful serving dish I realized I hadn’t blinked in the last 5 minutes….



Remember the last sentence of my first paragraph?  Well, those feelings were long gone.  I felt so deFeaTed.  The breakfast I made was a joke compared to what I had just witnessed.  And the gardening?  I would have been lucky to remember that I bought a small plant at Wal-Mart, only to find it dead in the back of our expedition a few weeks later.

I just want to be clear that I think Pioneer Woman is an inspiration, but I would be foolish to think that every part of her life is as perfect as seen on t.v.  If, at the right time, you took a snap shot of every person’s life, it would appear that their situation and life is perfect.  Someone is even looking at part of your life and wishing theirs was as perfect as yours!  Doesn’t that make you laugh? Of course!  Because we know how imperfect our own lives are, and can’t believe how much we have them fooled!  Yet why do we think we are soooo different than everyone else?

With pinterest, t.v. and magazines, it is easy to feel like a failure!  In the future, use these things as resources to moTiVaTe or give you some ideas.  DON’T use it as a comparison tool, because the only person you are fooling is yourself!



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I’m working hard and getting nowhere

Do you ever feel like that?   I have felt that way on our jOurNey to get out of debt.  On Tuesday, I shared the story on how we got out of denial and started tackling our finances in my “Getting Out of Financial Denial” post.  Does that mean the process has been easy and I haven’t wanted to quit?  No way!

Today I wanted to shed some light on the “lows” of working toward a gOaL.  There will be times when you feel like you are making no progress.  When we first started tackling our debt I felt like we were moving mountains.  But as time went on there were moments we felt defeated because of unexpected bills or kinks in the “plan”.

Life isn’t easy.  There will be suRpriSes and setbacks.  In tough times, Doug and I talk a lot about where we’ve come and the good things in store for our future.  When we need inspiration we tune into Dave Ramsey’s radio show for the “Debt Free Fridays” to hear how other people turned their financial disaster into a sUcCeSs story.  We surround ourselves with friends that have similar goals and give us support.  We choose NOT to give up because we know there IS a light at the end of the tunnel.

If you are feeling defeated in some area of your life, take heart!  You may not feel like you are making progress, but YOU ARE.  Eventually you will see your hard work pay off.  Believe it and persevere.  The greatest rewards come to those who work hard and wait….


Live-It List Hidden Question of the Week

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I’ve Gotta Feelin’

Having a RoUgH start to your week?  Try my QuiCk fiX to reverse the feeling of a bad day.

P.S.  I don’t know HOW MANY times I’ve listened to this to give me a little boost.  So much so that when this song siNgs from my office, my daughter immediately runs as fast as she can to come in and DanCe with me :)

What do YOU do to help cHanGe a bad day into a good one??



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“Hoosiers” – The Challenge (Wk 10)

Whatever your dream, FiNd SoMeOnE who has already accomplished what you are desiring and learn everything you can from them.  Have such a unique idea that you aren’t sure it has ever been done before?  Then find someone who has had a unique idea of their own and then had to figure out how to bring it to pass.

The point is to find people who can InSpIrE and MoTiVaTe you.  This can come from many sources – a magazine article or picture, a song, a book, a feature story or a documentary to name just a few.  I remember my senior year of high school when the movie “HOOSIERS” came out during our girls basketball season.  Some of my teammates and I went to see it.  How motivating!  Although that was years ago, I still get inspired when I see that movie which is probably one of my all time favorites. 

Who inspires you?  What is it that motivates you?  What fuels your passion?  Opportunities and resources await.  Are you ready? 

GeT InspiRed.  Get MotiVated.  Get drEaMing!


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Put your running shoes on

One of my least favorite things to do is exercise.  Even though I’m home all day the minutes fill up with to-do’s that give me easy excuses to not find time.  One thing I’ve learned is if I put my favorite pair of RUNNING shoes right next to my bed and wear my workout clothes when I go to sleep, I’m more motivated to exercise the next day.  When I wake up, the first thing I do is put on my running shoes.  All day long I’m constantly reminded, yet prepped and ready to go so when the mood strikes I can literally start running!  Sounds like an easy concept, but often the simplest ideas are the ones we overlook.  Don’t get me wrong, even with my running shoes on all day, there are times that the clock says 7 p.m. and I still haven’t hit the road running.  Regardless, I can guarantee that I was more active around the house just because I had a little BooSt in my step.  Just an idea!

HaPpY Running!


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Get Busy, Get Happy

When I quit my job as a teacher and became a stay-at-home mom I thought my life was finally going to be everything I wanted it to be.  I could hang out in my pajamas all day, didn’t have to keep track of time, and be present for every second of my daughter’s childhood.  Sounds like a pretty gReAt LiFe, right?

I don’t know about you but if I have too many days where I’m not being productive or focusing on something that makes me excited I experience, what I call, tHe FuNk!  I can go days maybe even weeks where I feel like I’m stuck.  I lack MoTiVaTiOn to do anything, I’m not really excited about much, and I tend to focus on all the flaws and negative things going on in my life.  This, of course, results in being a harder wife to live with and a mom that isn’t as peppy.  There is so much truth to “Happy Wife, Happy Life!”

Even though staying busy makes your life a little more hectic, it can keep your mind from dwelling on the bad.  I always tell Doug that I currently work harder than I ever have but I’m also happier than I’ve ever been.  If I keep my mind busy on things that satisfy me I am less likely to struggle with self-confidence issues, negative thoughts about others and things that bother me.  This of course results in me being a better and happier mom, wife, ChRiStIaN, etc.

Sound familiar?  If so, pick yourself up by finding the quickest way you can turn around your day.  Whether it is taking a bubble bath or painting your toenails a crazy color, do something to reverse “the funk” and change your way of thinking! If your outfit makes you feel fat, then go put on your skinny jeans!  If your house feels dirty start by burning your favorite candle.  If you can’t kick a bad thought go turn on a fun song or something to distract your mind for a while!  You know the drill—and from there it should become contagious!


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