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Sometimes in life you just have to “LaUgH OuT LoUd”.  That is, at YoUrSeLf.  Stop taking yourself so SeRiOuS (and trying to impress people) and just roll with it.

This happened to Lara and I a few months ago.  We were trying something new on our blog – using a SmArTpHoNe to record a video.  We really don’t do many videos of ourselves and are trying to branch out to help our readers take a PeEk at our everyday lives.  In an attempt to video ourselves and then transfer the videos to YoUtUbE, we (or should I say, I) inadvertantly submitted our videos to Facebook and didn’t realize it until 16 hours later.  One of those videos was the “SuRpRiSe” announcement (the “Live It List” challenge prize – a Coach purse) that was not to be “AiReD” until a week later.  Fortunately, I realized the mistake and only 6 viewers were PriVy to that announcement before I took the video off of Facebook.

What to do?

LaUgH.  OuT.  LoUd!!

We learned a lesson and got a GoOd LaUgH at the same time.

Are there things in your life that you would like to try to do, but are afraid you will make a fool of yourself?  Do them anyway, unafraid of looking SiLLy.  And then be ready to LOL.  You will be able to enjoy yourself, your life, and all those silly moments that life sends your way, a whole lot more, when you do.



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Bedroom Makeover

Last Thursday at about 10 a.m. I walked through our master bedroom and decided I was tired of it looking like an afterthought.  I didn’t want to spend much money and wanted a new look.  I gave Robynn a call, and she picked up a couple cans of antique white spraypaint, a package of dropcloths and brought some leftover paint from one of her recent projects.  We also gathered a handful of things from our basements that we weren’t using and incorporated that as some new decor pieces.  By 6:00 that evening I had a new bedroom!!



Notice the new dresser!  Don’t you love it?  Robynn had that light green paint and I gave it a distressed look with some leftover brown paint I had.  Spray painted the hardware, and ta-da!  And check out the curtains. Those were made out of drop cloths (yes the stuff that painters throw on the floor).  We cut it down the middle seam and then hung them.  No sewing…how EaSy was that!?

Close-up of dresser, BEFORE!


Another view…BEFORE


I had an old door in our shop and decided we needed a headboard.  And notice all the picture frames, shelves and end tables…spray painted those antique white!  It lightened up the room without having to repaint the walls.  Woohoo!

Having a fun master bedroom has been something on my “liVe-it liSt” and how great it was to accomplish this in a day, by utilizing the resources I had.  Big thanks to Robynn and her daughter for coming out for a couple hours to help.  I’ve been sMiLing in my dreams ever since!

{By the way…because I am a perfectionist I had put off working on this room ever since we moved in (4 years ago!).  Last week I decided that if I kept waiting for the perfect moment and perfect decor strategy…well, let’s be honest…it probably would have never happened.  Sometimes you just have to GO WITH IT!  I can always change something in this room later (like make the headboard an official piece by adding some more wood trim, repaint the walls, etc) but for now I can enjoy a new look.  I may not have picked the green dresser paint had I thought this room out in more depth, but it was FREE paint, and much to my surprise my husband thought it was “cool” ;) Sometimes the things we do on a whim turn out to be something we love the most! }



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Creating Your {Live-It List}

Have you CrEaTeD your “LiVe-It” LiSt?  For the next few months you will be reading/hearing a lot about the “Live-It” list on the Suede Sofa.  If you are needing some help creating your list check out some of the ideas we’ll be sharing.  Here are a few:

  1. Starting that HoMe-BaSeD business you’ve been dreaming (and talking) about.
  2. Finally, pursuing a CoLLeGe DeGrEe/training that was put on the back burner due to the demands of life such as motherhood.
  3. Dusting off a MuSiCaL iNstRumEnT that you played as a kid, but that got placed in the attic after high-school or college.
  4. Pursuing a HoBbY that you have always been intriqued with such as woodworking, quilting, making stain glass, etc.
  5. VoLunTeEriNg at a non-profit.  (The picture above is the FireEscape Coffeehouse, a place for high-school and college age kids to hang out in Chanute, KS.)  Click here to find out more about Director Marilyn at the FireEscape.



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Coach Model

~Lara & Robynn

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Live-It, Don’t Buck-It!!


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Win A Coach Purse {The Details}



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HI Suede Sofa readers!

Bare with us as we may look like a couple of Geeks while we figure out how to run a video on our smartphone :)  Check out our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

~Lara and Robynn


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