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This Isn’t Working

How many times have you thought up a wonderful idea in your head but, when it came down to execution, it was much more difficult than you planned?  Did you continue to force it to work or did you step back and realize ‘this isn’t working’?


I can think of nUmeRouS times I’ve tried to force a square peg into a round hole.   This past Christmas Robynn and I were trying to shoot a video for our blog.  The plan was to highlight all of our favorite Christmas crafts and cookies while we had a group of friends (and their kids) over.  Two minutes into the video we realized how crazy we were thinking we could record ourselves with a handful of toddlers in the room.  Come on, we are Mom’s!  Why didn’t we realize this earlier?!

There is a fine line between not giving up on a goal and reCogNiziNg when things need adjusted.  Many times we don’t realize this until we are in the moment but thankfully our gut does a pretty good job telling us when changes are needed!

What areas in your life are your forcing?  Are you planning a special event for your family and it is stressing everyone out?  Are you obsessing over perfection and it is upsetting everyone around you?

Many times there is a simple solution right there in front of you.  Perhaps it is something like..reschedulerethink…or… LET GO.


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