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You Can Do It!

As many of you have read I have struggled with finding the will to exercise for many years now.  I’ve made excuses for excuses and had convinced myself that even walking was just too much for me to handle.  While reading an article on the beach last week something FiNaLlY sank in and I thought to myself, “Stop making excuses…YoU CaN Do It!”  I have a feeling it was the cute pair of pink sneakers that got me, but who cares…I am happy to report that I’ve walked 4 mornings this week and my goal was only to walk 3!

Is there an area in your life that you’ve been neglecting?  Maybe it’s not exercise or weight loss, but a hobby you’ve been meaning to get into or a project you started that you’ve been pushing aside or didn’t even start because you thought it was going to be too difficult.  Try to remind yourself that starting new endeavors can’t always be easy.  Feeling proud about what you’ve accomplished makes it all worth it!

~Robyn (Jersey Girl)


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Why I LOVE Pinterest!

By now you may have heard of the craze called Pinterest, an internet site where you can browse and “pin” all sorts of pictures from food, fashion, home decor, DIY, photography, to name just a few.  In case you are not familiar with this site (www.pinterest.com) here’s basically how it works.  A friend invites you to get an account (don’t worry it’s free).  You then have your own account where you can create different boards such as fashion, DIY, organizing tips & the like.  You then browse and see what pics others have pinned.  (You can also “pin” your own pics).  When you find pins you like you simply “pin” that picture on one of your “boards” and voila!   You then can access that picture whenever you go to your Pinterest account.  Many of the pics are from blogs which is really cool, because let’s say you see a recipe that looks delicious and you “pin” that recipe, if you click on that picture many times you will be directed to someone’s blog where you can access the recipe.  We absolutely LOVE Pinterest, so if you have not already checked it out give it a try!

Robynn Says:  I love Pinterest for MANY reasons:  photography tips, parenting tips, home decor, inspirational sayings, and more.  When it comes to fashion I LOVE Pinterest because it gives me the sense I can shop without spending a dime!!  I just pin away and enjoy looking, but don’t have to buy!!  When it comes to home decor, I love Pinterest because some day I want to flip cottages and Pinterest allows me the opportunity to save all my ideas onto a “board”.  The following photo is what I envision my cottage “flips” to look like.  It was pinned by Chelsea McGee.  Here’s the link:   http://pinterest.com/pin/132082201541218854/

by Chelsea McGee

Lara Says:  I love Pinterest because it gives me so many great iDeAs on how to use everyday items around my house and transform them into something AWESOME!  Check out this wood pallet that was transformed into this amazing picture holder from AmandaCarverDesigns blog!

From AmandaCarverDesigns.com found on Pinterest!

Robyn Says:


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I…have Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Master Bedroom Makeover {Robynn}

My family and I had lived in our house for about 1 year when we were asked if we would be willing to have our house on our town’s HoLiDaY HoMes ToUr.  Up to that time I really didn’t know what kind of style I wanted for our master bedroom, so I really didn’t do much with it.  There was no ThEmE, no cohesiveness, no inspiration.  But once we agreed to place our home on the tour I was motivated to do something.  So, out came my magazines {I had not yet discovered PiNtErEsT} and I began scanning the pages to find the style that fit us best.  One thing we enjoy from time to time is to stay in a nice hotel.  So, that was the “FeeL” I was going for.   Here’s the before pictures of my bedroom.  Not a huge disaster, but definitely had no “WoW!” factor.

{Before #1}

{Before #2}

{Before #3}  I liked having these photos on this wall, but I really needed the space for my dresser, so the photos had to be moved.

{After #1}  One of first things I did was to add a rug which helped define the space.  A rug-on-a-rug may seem odd, but this one works especially with the BaSkEt WeAvE design and jute texture of the area rug.  I also added curtains and placed the rods as high up as possible.  This gives the feel of a taller ceiling.

The inspiration for the curtains came from a magazine picture that I ripped out and then tried to duplicate.  Believe it or not, they were made from drop cloths that I got from Sherwin Williams {I bought the heaviest weight they had as I wanted them to have a “starchy, stand up on their own” look.}  However, you can get the drop cloths in a much lesser weight if you want yours to have more of a “just hanging” look.

{After #2}  MiRrOrS add depth to any room.


{After #3}

That’s ChiCkY our yellow lab.

These pillows came from HoMe GoOdS.  I just picked beige ones that I liked.

Lighting is a great mood setter!  It gives AmBiAnCe and a sense of warmth.

Blank wall in bathroom.

I originally wanted to find one large mirror, but after looking for over a year I settled on four smaller ones.

Pictures from a wall were moved to my closet for a constant reminder of my girls when they were babies.  I’ll never tire of seeing their PrEcIoUs faces!  Closet #1

Closet #2

The throw fabric came from Wal-Mart.

For the duvet {the cover for my down} I purchased 400 thread count sheets from Wal-Mart.  My mother-in-law sewed them together  like a big pillow slip.  The down was placed inside and voila!  They are SuPeR-SoFt!

These plates came from Home Goods {Marshalls}

 Laying out the plates for the blank wall above my bed.  The hardware used to hang the plates came from Michael’s {I bet Hobby Lobby would have them also}.

That’s one blank wall!

Hardware to hang plates.  Super-easy to hang!!

Place this plate holder around plate’s edges.

Finally a focal point!

These mirrors for the wall behind the bathtub came from Wal-Mart for a little under $10/ea.

Make sure you tape them really good.

I used white spray paint and then I used paper towels to wipe the paint giving them a distressed look.

Hope you EnJoYeD the tour!

:) Robynn~

Here’s a video of the space.  {I give a few more details on the transformation.}

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About a year ago I discovered Lara’s LeTTeR BloCk ShOp while searching Etsy.  I quickly became a huge fan of her work and started collecting block sets for each season and holiday.  Lara was always so CheeRfuL and FriEndLy in her messages and I became InsPiReD when I read that she was a teacher turned stay-at-home mom who opened her own shop.

Growing up I loved doing crafts and was always starting my own LittLe BusiNeSSes.  I sold potholders, friendship bracelets, and hand painted shirts to my family.  Fast forward about 25 years and I started thinking, “If Lara was able to open her own shop then why can’t I?”  I was also a teacher turned stay-at-home mom and was YeaRniNg for a way to turn my CrEaTiviTy into something I could be proud of and call my own.

I had been making banners out of felt for my own home for the holidays and with each new one I designed my mom would say, “You really need to sell these.”  With a leap of faith RoByN’s NeSt was opened on Etsy this past February.  I was honored to have Lara as my very 1st customer and am currently a few sales away from my 125th sale!

When trying something new or doing something you’ve always dreamed of…remember that InSpiRaTioN is EveRywHerE!

~Jersey Girl~

P.S. Visit my online shop www.etsy.com/shop/triobyn



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Use The Resources You Have

If you’ve been following our blog you may have seen me talk about dealing with an “All-Or-Nothing” mindset.  I struggle with this thinking and am diligently working to change this crazy TrAiN Of ThouGht.  Here is one thing that is helping me out a GreAt dEaL.  I recently have adopted the thinking, “Use The Resources You Have”.  I actually say this to myself and Lara & I talk about it often.  This gives me “PerMisSiOn” to continue on even when the situation is not “PeRfEcT”. 

So what, that I’ve MeSsEd uP, had a rough day, got off to a bad start or things just aren’t going like they are suppose to go?  I ReFuSe to have the mindset, “May as well throw in the towel for today.  I’ll start again tomorrow.”  I won’t mess up the rest of my day with that notion.  Instead I’ll use the resources I have.  In this case, it is the ReSt oF tHe DaY – completely free of mistakes and disappointments.  Who knows what good thing may be just around the corner?

What are you lacking in?  Time, inspiration, money, education, energy, health, a good childhood, etc.  It really doesn’t matter.  What matters is what you Do HaVE. 

I don’t know if this advice will help you, but it sure has helped me.  Do I have this MaSteReD?  No, but I’m a work in progress.  A LittLe At a TiMe.



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The Grass Is Always Greener

Some of the best advice my parents gave me was this: If you ever want what someone else has, then be prepared to take all that comes with it!

It is easy to look at another person’s life and pick and choose what we would want for our own, but be sure to ReMinD yourself that no situation is PERFECT. Being a celebrity would mean wealth and fame but it also means being followed by paparazzi and never getting privacy. Being a successful business owner means having the freedom of being your own boss but it also means working around the clock. I’m not saying that these positions are bad, but it is easy to only want one part of that life without the other. Unfortunately picking and choosing isn’t ReaLitY.

When finding yourself discouraged that your life isn’t as good as the family down the street, be sure to look closely at everything that comes with it. Often times you’ll realize that switching lives with them may not be worth giving up all the bLeSSinGs you have after all!


(Thanks Mom and Dad for helping me realize this VERY early in life. I wouldn’t change my life growing up as a farm kid for anything!)


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What Inspires Me – Magazines

I love magazines!!

It is a special treat for me to buy one and then carve out a time to enjoy diving in.  I love looking at the pictures, reading the interesting bits of information, and looking at the eye-catching titles and subtitles.  My favorite ones are those that deal with home & garden, women’s magazines that contain household tips and recipes, ones that contain interesting places, and magazines that are motivating and inspirational.  Any time I find something that jumps out at me I rip it out and put it in a basket.  From time to time I take these magazine pages out to enjoy once again.  I’ve even put some of these pages in plastic sheet protectors and then in a 3-ring binder.  As a result, I have compiled my own “magazine” chalk full of my favorite articles, photos, and covers!Tell us what inspires you by commenting below.  In doing so you will be eligible to win the magazines shown below.  Winner will be announced on Saturday, May 21, 2011.

Share your inspiration!


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I AM…An Amateur Web Designer

•To visit Jenny’s website work, go to www.letterblockshop.com

•For more “I Am…” stories, click here!

•Do you or someone you know have a story that could inspire other women?  We would LOVE to feature you!  Email us at suedesofa@yahoo.com

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