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I recently I spoke with a friend who was hurt about not being included in a DeCisiOn that the rest of her family made without her.  The situation could have been avoided by simply picking up the phone or sending a quick email.   Instead, everyone got busy with life, assumed that she would be okay with it, and she ended up feeling left out and unloved.

Our hectic lives cause us to oVerLook how our decisions and actions are affecting others.  Many relationships are damaged because people don’t take the TiMe to share simple details and make sure everyone is included.

As the holidays are approaching this is an important time to keep the lines of communication open.  One idea is sending out a large email to everyone in the group (make sure you send it to EvERyOnE!!).  Each person hits “reply all” when giving their input, and having dates/ specifics in writing is another helpful way to avoid ConFuSion down the road.  This simple way of communication gives everyone an equal opportunity to share their ideas and no one feels left out.

Start your holiday planning off right!  ChriStmAs here we come :)


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