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{Just Swallow}

Remember being a kid and your mom giving you NaStY tasting MeDiciNe?  The only thing you wanted to do was spit it out!  Well, that is a lot how taking correction can be.  Whether it is from your spouse, a friend, your boss, {or God}, we really don’t like to be told we need to make a ChAnGe.  However, a lot of times they are right {God is always right}.  And although it can be HuMbLiNg, taking correction to heart can be like taking medicine.  Incredibly hard to swallow, but the very thing that can fix the internal problem.  Truth about ourselves can hurt.  But it can also bring growth and FrEeDoM.

So next time you are faced with correction, take a deep breath, put your pride aside, and just SwAlloW.



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