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{Reverse Resolution}

We are all familiar with InFaMoUs New Year’s Resolutions.  I’ve read the statistics for the percentage of people who actually stick to them – its DiSmaL.  I think one explanation may be that for some reason JaNuAry 1st seems to be this magical “date”.  As the calendar turns over, people think they have turned over a new leaf, as well.   However,  because of their inactivity, instead of being able to “HiT tHe GroUnd rUnNing” many people find that they are HiGh-CeNteRed and just can’t seem to overcome the inertia.  I know.  I’ve been there many times.

A few years ago I, unintentionally, was motivated to come up with a list (in September/October) of projects I wanted to complete by January 1.  The list was long.  But I was so InSpiRed to check off all my projects by the NeW YeAr that it propelled me forward.  I knew that if I only accomplished half the list, or even a fourth of the list, I could count it a success.  I was doubtful that I could complete the list, but once I got the ball rolling it was like a MoViNg TrAiN.  Not only did I complete the list, I ended up adding more projects to the list. 

As Lara and I have been talking about our “Live-It List” lately, I decided to do the same thing this year and surprisingly the same results occurred.  Why, I’m not sure.  Maybe it’s because mentally it makes me feel as though I am getting a HeAd StArT on the new year.   Maybe it’s because the thought of having all of these projects done before January 1 is (for me) down right ExCiTiNg.  Whatever it is, I think I have a new take on the New Year’s Resolution.  I’m calling it “ReVeRsE ReSoLuTion”.   Basically, instead of designating January 1 the start date, I am designating it the end date.  Does that mean that I won’t have any goals for the New Year?  No.  But it does mean that I can TaKe tHe PreSsuRe oFf and actually enjoy the beginning of a new year as I “hit the ground running.”




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