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Eye Candy!!

Need a FuN aNd hApPy twist in your decorating?  Why not try something as simple as adding some different throw pillows?  I found some fabric I loved and then had my friend, Kendall Follmer, from KeNdAll’s UpHolSterY make these pillows.  I think they turned out FaBuLoUs! 

PiNk and GrEeN are my two favorite colors!  They are my “eYe cAnDy”!  Can you tell?

These colors just make me HaPpY!  Why not find some colors you LoVe and switch things up a bit?  No doubt come fall and the holidays I’ll be gravitating towards other CoLorS and TeXtuRes (maybe fur or crocheted), but these pillows go perfectly with SuMmeR and the way it makes me feel!!


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Green Apples

Trying to eat hEaLtHy snacks?  This has worked like a ChArM for my family and me.  Place fruit in a pretty bowl or basket and then strategically locate it in a HiGh tRaFfiC area.  (Or use as an accessory on the kitchen table or a side table in your great room.) In my case, our high traffic area is our island where we eat our meals and snacks, as well as CoLoR, draw, play with PlAy dough, etc.  My kids know that this is one food they can help themselves to without asking.  My husband and I also find that we eat lots of aPpLeS and BaNaNaS because they are constantly in front of us.  You can also place veggies such as bags of cArReTs on the bottom shelf of your refrigerator so when your kids open the door, VoiLa!!      

And by the way, don’t worry if you find that ALL the apples have ONE bite taken out of them.  Offer to cut them up in slices instead of having your kids eat them whole.


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