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Cucumber Salsa

This Cucumber salsa is a hit no matter where I take it!  A great way to use up the abundance of cucumbers from your garden!  Very flavorful and colorful!

What you need:

3 cucumbers

1 Can Diced Tomatoes

1 Can Rotel

2 Tbsp finely chopped fresh cilantro

1/4 C. White Vinegar

2 Ranch Packets

Chips (or you could eat it with a spoon!)

Take the skin off of the cucumbers and cut them up in small pieces.  Add your chopped cilantro.

Throw in the diced tomatoes and Rotel (or you can replace the diced tomatoes with another can of Rotel if you want it spicy!) Add your 2 pkgs of Ranch and vinegar!

Stir it together and VoiLa!!  It becomes more flavorful the longer it sits, so I suggest making it early in the day if you plan to eat it that night!




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Peace with Food is…


Peace with Food is a step-by-step, customized lifestyle, tailored specifically for you!


  • Tools! In order to have Peace with Food you have to find what tools work best for you. We have A LOT of them to share and some will work for you and others won’t. This is okay! Peace with Food is all about finding what speaks to you. Take and tweak what we share, and above all do whatever you need in order to have peace. That is the most important thing!

PWF is...

  • New Life! Because Peace with Food is so different than what you would expect from a diet, you won’t be given a list of requirements of tasks you have to do. We will offer guided questions and thoughts to help you discover what your customized lifestyle to Peace with Food looks like. At times you may feel uncomfortable since the norm is to follow a very specific plan. But remember, we are not lab rats. Each of us is unique so we have to figure out a lifestyle of food, tailored specifically to each individual person.
  • Pep-Talks! You may have moments where you want to rush through our process because the “quick fix” would be so much easier. We had those same feelings. When you catch yourself gravitating back toward the diet mentality, remind yourself of what that future looks like by reading 10 Reasons Diet’s Don’t Work. We will also be there every step of the way, to support and encourage, so you don’t lose sight of what you are fighting for: PEACE.
  • A Game Plan! If the scale fluctuates when you get started in this process, don’t panic. This happened to us, but at the time we had no idea what we were doing! Hopefully, by learning from our mistakes, you can eliminate the amount of fluctuation we experienced. BUT, if you do face this, we encourage you to have a game plan by asking yourself this question: What do I have to lose?  When you really think about it, diets help you lose the weight initially, but then you gain it all back (often times, gaining even more!) Because of this, diets actually take you deeper in the hole.  Peace with Food will allow you to see improvements with every step you take, weight included! So it is worth it, even if the beginning may feel out-of-the-norm. So what do you have to lose? Nothing, because the long-term outcome will be worth it!
  • Ownership! You are the expert of your life. No one knows you better than you. We will ask you to be your own scientist taking a new look at your life by experimenting and observing your likes, dislikes, what will keep you in the game, etc. You will be the expert at knowing yourself , and before long you’ll be able to coach others to do the same!


Let’s dive in! Start by reading our first tool: Bite #1 vs. Bite #21.

lara-robynn1 (1)

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Day 15 – Advent Calendar

ENJOY FEELING LIKE A KID AGAIN!  Make snowflakes and hang them up as decoration either on the window, Christmas tree, or around the house! (It helps if you trace a cereal bowl, cut out the circle, fold it up, and then begin cutting your snowflake)…but I let my kids do it however they wanted, as seen below!Snowflake1 



{You may choose to simplify the process big-time.  It doesn’t need to be time-consuming, stressful, or cost you anything.  Do what works for you and enjoy the season with the ones you love!!}

Alternative Activity:  When is the last time you actually colored?  Get our some crayons, markers or a pen and paper and draw something related to Christmas.

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What’s Left for 2012?

Well, we’ve got four more months left of 2012. I will have to say, this year has probably been the most LiFe-cHaNgiNg and iNteResTing one yet! Doug and I took our first vacation without the kids (to Hawaii) in February, I’ve read a couple awesome books, we decided to MOVE our house in April, made Osage County our new home in June, reached my goal weight after 10 years, and we sent our little girl off to kindergarten in August!

It is easy this time of year to throw in the towel and push off our LiVe-It Lists (aka New Year’s Resolutions) until next year. But that wouldn’t be “Living It” now would it? It would be a shame to waste away the next few months because we haven’t accomplished what we wanted in the last eight. I’m here to give you a little boost (because I need it too) and get you excited about what the rest of the year has to offer! You have the ChoiCe on whether or not your 2012 will be a memorable one and it is not too late!

Today I want you to make a new list. Narrow it down to the things that are really iMpoRtaNt. Don’t get overwhelmed with all the little things you have to do. Instead, PiCk One (or two) things that would be realistic to accomplish in the rest of 2012 and start chipping away at it. Maybe your house needs de-cluttered….the fall is a good time to have a garage sale! Maybe you want are feeling burnt out at work…now would be the time to uTiLizE your vacation days if you have a few to spare. Be creative, but most importantly, do something that is going to impact your 2012 in a positive way!

Happy List-Making!


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10 Things We Love About Summer!!

WE love summer! We LOVE summer!! We love SUMMER!!! Can you tell we love summer?! And we are already beginning to make plans for all the fun things we want to do. How about you? Do you have a list? Why not make this summer the funnest one yet?

With our commitment to “LiVe-It” we want to spend more time with our kids and less time on our computers so we’re planning on changing our writing schedule a bit. Robynn will be posting on Mondays, Robyn (Jersey Girl) will be posting on Wednesday and Lara will be posting on Fridays. From time to time we may share something extra on the other days, but this will give you an idea of when you can read our individual posts.

If you’re looking for a fun activity, why not make a list of why you love summer? Here’s our lists:

10 things Lara loves about summer:

1-Homemade Ice Cream

2-Planting Season/Corn Rows

3-Pony Tails

4-Putting Flip Flops on for the First Time

5-Inflatable Kiddy Pools

6-Longer Days

7-Watermelon, Lemonade, Burgers and Chips

8-Farmer Tans

9-Family Vacations

10-County Fairs

10 things Robyn loves about summer:

1-The Beach!

2-Building Sand Castles

3-Backyard BBQ’s

4-Patriotic Holidays

5-Flip Flops!!!


7-Spending weekends with   family and friends

8-Celebrating my kid’s birthdays

9-Warm Weather

10-No Schedule!

10 things Robynn loves about summer:

1-Barefeet babies!!

2-Hanging out on my back porch with friends & family

3-Driving in the country past corn fields

4-Catching lightning bugs with my kids – our version of catching lightning in a bottle!!

5-The smell of fresh cut grass, alfalfa hay, and bbq

6-Family road trips back to South Dakata to see friends & family

7-Regular family biking trips to our town’s pool

8-4th of July Celebrations – family, friends, food, fun, fireworks!!

9-Heat!! And the feel of warm air on your skin!!

10-Early morning walks & jogs

~What do you LOVE about summer?  Go ahead, make your list! ~

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Have Fun with Photos

Until recently I was the kind of mom who took my kids to the local portrait studio for nearly every and any occasion I could come up with to have their picture taken.  To give you a visual of what went down on my last visit,  just picture my four-year old son jumping off a lego table, my two-year old niece crying because she wanted to sit in the chair that my daughter was sitting in, and my two-year old daughter not cooperating because I was too busy wrangling my son off the obstacle course he had created out of the furniture to be paying any bit of attention to her needs.  My sister and I left the studio with the three kids an hour later physically and mentally exhausted with no pictures to show for our effort.

Inspiration for this photo came from a friend who did a search on Pinterest!

Shortly after that debacle of a visit to the portrait studio my parents bought my husband and I a new camera for Christmas.  I decided that I was going to start taking more candid shots of my kids and family instead of trying to always get the PeRfEcT shot.  It has been a LeArNiNg experience, but it is a lot of fun!

Candid at dancing school

Suede Sofa Challenge…

Get your cameras out and get snapping!  We would LOVE to see what our readers come up with for fun and exciting photos from across the globe!  Email us your photos with your name, city, and state or city and country.  All photos will be shared in a special post on Friday, March 30th titled, Fun Photo Friday!

Email your photos to:


Put “Fun Photo Friday” in the subject line of your email

Have fun!

~Robyn (Jersey Girl)

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Handprint Memories

I try to do a handprint/footprint project with my kids for each HoLiDaY or SeAsOn.  I started them shortly after my son turned one and have continued since.  It is FuN to look back and see how their hands and feet have grown and the projects make great decorations and gifts.  You can find tons of great ideas just by doing a simple Google search for holiday handprint projects.  Have fun CrEaTiNg great memories!

I made this wreath last Christmas using my son’s handprints for the wreath and my daughter’s tiny feet for the holly!  I wrote the little poem myself!

I made these little snowmen out of their feet last January!

~Jersey Girl~


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Trash to Treasure

SuMmerTime has always been my favorite time of year, and living in New Jersey I am able to spend lots of time at the beach.  I was probably around 8 years old when I found my first piece of sea glass and I immediately became a CollEctor.  Over the years I’ve found thousands of pieces: green, brown, clear, aqua, and my favorite…blue!  I love Guessing if my pieces came from sunken ships, old medicine bottles, or just garbage that made it into the sea. 

Too often we get CaughT uP in our day to day routines and neglect to make time for ourselves.  Collecting sea glass has become my way of taking time out to do something for MySelf that makes me hAppy.  Whether it is gardening, scrapbooking, photography, etc…set time aside for yourself and see what “trEaSures” are waiting for you to discover!

~Guest Writer, Robyn from New Jersey

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