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I’ve Gotta Feelin’

Having a RoUgH start to your week?  Try my QuiCk fiX to reverse the feeling of a bad day.

P.S.  I don’t know HOW MANY times I’ve listened to this to give me a little boost.  So much so that when this song siNgs from my office, my daughter immediately runs as fast as she can to come in and DanCe with me :)

What do YOU do to help cHanGe a bad day into a good one??



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I Know It, But I Can’t Feel It

This week started off a little rough.  On Monday I got an email from a customer saying that I sent her the wrong colored blocks.  I was working on two similar sets and happened to swap the colors.  This meant that now I had 2 customers that wouldn’t be getting what they ordered.  When I realized this my stomach was immediately in knots.  I am a bit of a perfectionist and don’t like to make mistakes.  Although I triple check all of my orders before they get mailed, regrettably I still have a small percentage that are made incorrectly.

Although I was upset with myself, there was no point in panicking.  I contacted both customers and luckily they were very understanding…thank goodness!  BUT I continued to experience a lot of anxiety over what happened.  Even though I was CONSTANTLY telling myself that this sort of thing is going to happen from time to time, the feeling in my stomach never got better.

We may know something is right in our mind but it takes our body a while to catch up with our thoughts.   My mind knew this was not worth worrying about but my stomach felt otherwise.   To minimize my anxiety I continually told myself, “Everyone is human.  Everyone makes mistakes. No one is perfect. You rarely make errors in your business …” and sure enough the next morning my stomach had finally listened.  Sometimes it only takes a few minutes and other times it can take days. Unfortunately you have to wait out the storm until your feelings become balanced with your thoughts.


(*This picture was taken from our backdoor last week)


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