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Impeccable Timing

Every now and then I find myself focusing way too much on areas of my body that I don’t like.  Do you ever do that?  Often times it is the skin spots that keep popping up with age or the way my body has changed after having three kids. *Sigh*.

Well today I got an email that included the video I have posted below.  Talk about impeccable timing.  I am glad God put it on someone’s heart to pass it along, because I needed this reminder.  Just in case you needed it too, I decided to share it with you!

This video is an eye-opener in more ways than one.  Not only does it make me think twice about nitpicking areas of my physique, but gave me a kick in the pants for when I get down about life or complain about a task being too difficult.

Attitude is everything.  Don’t deprive yourself of a good life just because everything isn’t perfect.  And I love what Chris says, “If you are worried about how you look, you are cheating yourself out of opportunities.”  Needed to hear that. So true.

I hope this touches your heart like it did mine.  Enjoy…


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Farm Boys {& Farm Girls}

So many aspects of SuMmEr take me back to my growing up years living on a farm – the smell of fresh-cut hay, not to mention those deliciously aromatic fresh tomatoes and cucumbers from our garden; the taste of fresh strawberries, fresh corn on the cob, and ice-cold water from a jug on a hot day; the sound of crickets as you lay in bed at night with the windows open (I grew up in SD where it cooled off a bit at night); and the sight of JoHn DeErE GrEeN (yes, my dad really did think that “nothing runs like a Deer”) as well as beautiful sunsets viewed from the cab of a tractor as I was baling hay.  This just barely scratches the surface, as the experiences are too numerous to mention.

So when the You Tube video “I’m Farming and I Grow It” went viral just a few weeks ago by the Petersen brothers (they are almost up to 6 million views), Lara and I were thrilled.  (Lara is a farm girl as well, lives on a farm, and her husband farms.)   It was icing on the cake that one of the Petersen brothers attends KaNsAs StAtE UniVerSiTy where Lara, her husband Doug, and my husband Scott graduated.

One of the things Lara and I love about the video is that it really portrays life on a farm.  That really is what farming looks like!!  It took both of us back to growing up on the FaMiLy FaRm.  (My family did not have cattle, but Lara’s did.)  We even laughed about the way they were dressed (jeans, baseball caps, and t-shirts with the sleeves cut out) as they could have passed for boys working on our familys’ farms.

If you’ve never experienced life on a farm and have wondered what it’s like, here it is.  At least the way it was on our familys’ farms.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we have!




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So God Made a Farmer

This week there was haRveSt on the Shoup farm.  We had a drought this year and the beans could have been better, but it is always a fUn time of year because the colors are changing, the weather is enjoyable, and we finally get to reap the benefits of all of our haRd work.

The kids were aNxiOus to watch the combine harvesting our beans shortly after they woke up.  Watching them get excited about harvest brings back all the mEmoRies I have growing up on a farm.

This past week I received the link to the video below, spoken from a famous radio personality, Paul Harvey.  He couldn’t have dEscRibed my DAD and the farmers I know in any better way….Have you tHanKed a farmer today?


I am PROUD to be a farmer’s daughter.  Love you DAD, thanks for all you do ♥


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Never Say “Never”

Have you ever caught yourself sAyinG something like, “I would NEVER do that!  I would NEVER put myself in that situation or make a decision like that person!” Someone once told me that you have to be careful using the word “NEVER” because often life makes you fAce the things you don’t wish for.

Even though I grew up on a farm I always told my parents I “never” wanted to marry a farmer.  I thought I had my life Planned out and wanted to work in an office somewhere in a big city.  Sure enough, I married a farm boy but couldn’t be hAppier.

I had always maiNtained a healthy weight throughout college and marriage.  However, when I got pregnant with my daughter, I gained twice as much weight as I was supposed to.  So much for being PROUD of my weight control!

Life can be really huMbling and I’ve LeArNed to not be quick to judge or too sure of how life is going to turn out.  Having goals and expectations are gReat, but the next time you look at someone else and find yourself saying “I would NEVER…” be cAreful what you say.  Life has a way of ushering you down a particular pAth and we can’t always see the twists and turns that lie ahead.


(*Pictured above is my loving “farmer” and our sweet lab, Grace)

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May Day Tradition

May Day is just around the corner. Do you do anything SpeCiaL to celebrate May Day?

For as long as I can remember my mom and dad have had their own May Day tRadiTion.  Each spring morning on the first day of May, my dad hand delivers a freshly picked wildflower to my mom.  Can’t you just picture him?  A hardened Kansas farmer with callused hands and weathered skin, hand selecting the prettiest flowers from the middle of his cattle pasture to deliver to his wife of 36 years?  That mental image always melts my heart…  Sometimes nature dictates what’s in season.  The wildflower may be yellow, white, or blue, but the beauty and L O V E it represents remains the same each year.

Having only been married for 5 years I see how easily life gets in the way of doing the “little things” to express my love.  Sometimes the simplest act can show the greatest amount of thoughtfulness and appreciation.  This year consider starting a new tradition with your loved one.  You never know… it may end up being something you’ll hear your kids talk about after your 36th year of marriage :)  Make this May Day a MeMoraBLe one!



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