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Sweet Treat

Do you ever find yourself BaRgAiNiNg with your kids to get them to behave, clean up their toys, or finish their meals?  If you answered yes…I’m right there with you!  My 4 year old son had a really good day today and my husband and I wanted to ReWaRd him with something special.  I wanted the reward to be immediate so that he would make the connection that he earned something SpEcIaL because he was a great listener TODAY.  I didn’t want the reward to be a toy or anything that would cost money because I don’t want him to start expecting toys for doing what we ExPeCt of him.  I went into my baking cabinet and pulled out a box of CoOkiE mIx that I had bought at our local dollar store.  After I put my daughter to sleep I pulled out all of the fall sprinkles and we got to work!  We had a great time making the cookies and my son was so proud that he got to put the sprinkles on all by himself.  It truly was an EyE-OpEniNg night for me because in a pinch I found an inexpensive way to show my son that we were proud of him and realized that rewards don’t need to be elaborate, they can be as simple as some YuMmY cOoKiEs and time alone with Mommy and Daddy.

~Jersey Girl~


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