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Egg Dying Made Easy

My sister and I added a MuSt HaVe gadget to our egg dying extravaganza this year…a WiRe WhiSk for each cup of egg dye.  Working with 3 kids under the age of 5 is tricky enough, but when you factor in 8 cups of water and 18 hard-boiled eggs you have a potential disaster waiting to happen.  This year I purchased 8 wire whisks at my local dollar store and we let the kids use them to dunk their eggs into the egg dye and take them back out (over and over again) to check their colors until they had them just the way they wanted them.  I am happy to report that even my 2-year-old was able to get her eggs in and out of the whisk easily and we didn’t break a single egg!

My niece Taylor using a wire whisk to dye her Easter egg!

My son Nicholas dying 4 eggs at once!

Even Abby can do it!

Happy Easter From My Family To Yours!

~Robyn (Jersey Girl)


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It’s Never Too Late

Well, we are over half way through Lent and I wish I could tell you that this year’s experience was the best one ever. Unfortunately I’ve struggled a bit this year, and to be honest, there is no good excuse why. I always have GOOD intentions throughout the day but life seems to be too big of a distraction to F O C U S on God. How sad is that!? It’s easy to feel guilty for not spending enough time with God and not giving Him the thanks He deserves, for my bLeSSinGs are plentiful. At this point it would be easy to pack it in this spring and try again this Christmas…

LUCKLY, God knows our hearts and if we are paying attention, he will give us the MoTiVaTiOn we need to keep going. Doug and I were reading our nightly “Word Among Us” meditations and the reading couldn’t have spoken more directly to me.

“…we can begin to experience God’s presence and grace as a tiny trickle that grows wider and deeper as we yield to it. As we wade more deeply into his life, we can experience God nourishing us and healing us…We will prosper in this river, for it promotes and supports every sort of life, even lives like ours! …Why not step into the river today? Ask Jesus to lead you. He will start you gently, in the shallow end, where the water is ankle deep. And every day he will take you one step further, bringing you into ever-deepening waters that can HEAL, empower, forgive, and restore you. Just follow his lead each day and soon enough, you’ll be swimming!”

No matter how fast Easter is approaching, it isn’t too late to start wading in the water. Come and join me at the river—



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Easter Eggs to Dye For!

Want to try a new way to decorate your Easter eggs this year?  My daughter and I used rubber bands!  Give it a try! You won’t be disappointed!

1)Boil the eggs and let them cool, then wrap the eggs with rubber bands!

2) Pour boiled water into glasses or bowls.  Add food coloring and a teaspoon of vinegar.  Place the “rubber band eggs” on a spoon and set them in the colored water!

3)Keep checking on the eggs until they reach the desired color.

4)Place the eggs on a dry paper towel and let them dry.

5)Now the fun part!

6)How cute is this?!

HaPpY EaStEr!


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New Beginnings

In Kansas, we live in what is known as the tall-grass prairie. 

When explorers first came to the Midwest they called it the “Great American Desert” because they witnessed hundreds of miles of prairie grass that was as tall as a man on a horse.  Each spring, by either lightening or fires intentionally set by Native Americans to attract large herds of buffalo, millions of acres of this tall grass prairie were burned to make way for new growth.

Our ranchers continue this TrAdiTioN each spring with controlled fires.  Soon after burning the old dry plant material, new lush green grass emerges for their livestock to graze.  As a rancher’s daughter, helping burn pasture was a yearly ritual that I very much enjoyed.  The crackling sound of the old stems and smell of burnt grass created a chalkboard-like pasture that was wiped clean for a new season.  These sights, smells, and sounds create a sense of nostalgia that takes me back to some of my fondest MeMoRiEs as a child.

Just like ranchers, we can perform a similar ritual this spring by eliminating the old to make way for the new.  If there is something that has been weighing on your mind or holding you back, now is the time to send it up in flames and get a NeW StARt on life.


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Easter Nests – Feature Guest: Tonya

This is my new, favorite EaSteR tReAt compliments of my friend Tonya who just shared this recipe with me.   I had to pass it along to you because I think it is so fun and yummy!!!  I photographed these pictures in her kitchen and it literally took her 10 to 15 minutes (max) to prepare.  (Not counting the hour necessary in the freezer.)   It is sooooo EaSY!! 

The ingredients for the EasTer NeStS:  1/4 cup of butter (1/2 stick), 2 cups of marshmallows, and 4 cups of Chow Mein Noodles.  Ingredients to fill the nests:  coconut & green gel food coloring for the grass, and Easter candy such as jelly beans, M&M’s, malted eggs, chocolate eggs, etc.

Measure 4 cups of ChOw MeIn NoOdLes.

MeLt 1/4 cup of butter.

Measure 2 cups of MaRsHmaLLoWs.

Add marshmallows to melted BuTtEr.

Stir marshmallows and butter until marshmallows are completely MeLtEd.

Add Chow Mein Noodles to melted marshmallow and butter MiXtUrE.


Butter a MuFfiN pan.

Butter your FiNgErS.

Use your fingers to FoRm nests.

Place in the freezer for 1 HoUr.

Remove nests with a KniFe.

Combine cOcOnUt and a few drops of GrEeN gel food coloring to make grass.

The best green grass you’ll ever EaT!

Time to fill the nests with GoOdiEs.

Place CoCoNuT gRaSs in nests.

Fill the nests with your favorite CaNdy.

Time to EnJoY!!


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