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Easter Surprises

Shhhhh… don’t tell our KiDs!  This year we wanted to do something a little different from the traditional EaStEr BaSkEt (Grandparents have that covered).  So, we decided to use this idea we saw on Pinterest.  Our original idea was to use quart canning jars, but because they were sold out we chose these canisters that we’ll be able to reuse!  Inside we have placed Easter grass along with our favorite Easter CaNdY:  A Chocolate Bunny, Mini Reese Eggs, Mini Cadbury Eggs, Starburst JeLLy BeAnS, and of course Peeps!  We think our kids will be surprised when they wake up to these Easter Treats!  A new Easter TradiTioN!!

~Lara & Robynn~

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