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{Mommy Wars}

Ok, sometimes you just have to SpEaK uP and say, “Hold on a minute!  I thought we (women) were in this thing ToGeThEr!!”

If you’ve been watching the news the last couple of days you undoubtedly heard the comment Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen made about Ann Romney (the Republican candidate, Mitt’s wife) not working a day in her life.  Are you SeRiOuS?  A stay-at-home mom of 5 boys not working a day in her life?   I will have to admit that makes me a bit indignant.  Maybe it’s because I have a DoG in this fight.  I’m a stay-at-home mom.

This attack is not about Democrat or Republican, Conservative or Liberal, but rather it is an attack on womanhood.  Whether you love or hate the Romneys, there is no denying that motherhood is HaRd WoRk.

I’ve been on both sides – I’ve been a professional working mother and now I’m a stay-at-home mom.  And I will have to say I have great ReSpEcT for both.

Let me give you a small sampling of some of the women in my life to whom I tip my hat:

  • My OB/GYN whom I am so grateful my daughters will grow up seeing as not only the woman who brought them into this world, but who is also a caring and giving woman in my community.  Then there is my dental hygienist; my daughters’ teachers; family & friends who are social workers, doctors, nurses, speech pathologists and teachers.  All are excellent RoLe MoDeLs and working moms.
  • A MiLiTaRy young mom of a darling toddler who was recently deployed.
  • Numerous single mom’s who work their tail off to PrOviDe for themselves and their children.  Many of these are former students of mine and my heart goes out to them.
  • Working moms who would stay-at-home in a heart beat if they could, but know for the welfare of their family they must work to keep the BoAt AfLoAt.
  • And of course, I know many StAy-At-HoMe moms like me.

This discussion is not about whose life is harder.  There are pros and cons on both sides. Instead, I think it is about giving GrAcE  Grace to the mother who chooses to WORK outside of the home and grace to the mother who chooses to WORK inside the home.  We can appreciate the contribution each makes to society.  The bottom line is We aRe On The SaMe TeAm!!  Enough of the mommy wars!!

Ok, it’s time to get off the soapbox and take a breath!

What do you think?  Does this discussion hit a nerve for you like it does me?  If so, please share!!




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Baby Blues to Baby Bliss

As I CeLebRate my son’s 4th birthday this week and my daughter’s 2nd birthday next month, I also celebrate the amazing gift of mOtherHood.  Always knowing that being a mom was the #1 goal of my life, I couldn’t understand why I was constantly crying after I brought my son home from the hospital.  Baby blues quickly turned to full blown postpartum depression.  Thoughts like, “What was I thinking when I wanted to have a baby,” “Am I ever going to have a conversation with my husband again,” and “I just want to be me again” raced through my head.
Feelings of shame, guilt, and fear felt like they were suffocating me.  I even thought my son might be better off without me.  I thank God for my wonderful  friends, family, and doctors for Getting Me throuGh my darkest moments.  With  therapy and medication I slowly got better and became the mother I so longed to  be.

Two years later I delivered my beAutiful baby girl and like a dark cloud drifting over me, my PPD was back.  As I held my daughter in my hospital bed, I  looked at my husband and said, “It’s back.”  You would think it would be easier  the second time but it was actually worse.  I knew the scary thoughts…I had  just lived them two years ago.  “Why me” was all I could think this  time.

Both bouts with PPD lasted about 2 months.  I try not to dwell on those days as time lost with my babies, but as times that made me FiGht to be the mother I am  today.  I now know that there is No ShaMe in having PPD, it wasn’t my fault that  I got it, and with help you can get through it.  Whether you or someone you know  is going through PPD or any obstacle, remember you CAN get through it and are  stronger than you think!

~Robyn (Jersey Girl)


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