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Click It! – The Challenge (Wk 19)

Have you found your SwEeT sPoT?  If you are still trying to figure that out, take a look at what “CliCks” for you.  Where do you seem to get good ReSuLts and in almost an UnCaNnY way things just work out for you?  It is sort of like jumping into a river and the CuRrEnT sweeping you downstream.  You may have to paddle a bit to stay on course, but there is an underlying FoRcE moving you forward.  Some people may refer to this as the stars aligning or just plain ‘ole luck, but I believe that finding your “sweet spot” will bring the FaVoR and pLeAsUrE of God in your life. When you find your “sweet spot” you find what God created you for and that brings God great DeLiGhT! 

Find that thing that “cLiCkS” for you, that thing that brings so much sAtisFacTion to your soul that you feel as though you get “lost” in the moment and where time stands still.  Because when you get to the point that you can “click it” it may be that you have found your TiCkiT! 



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