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I AM…a Curator At Kansas’ #1 Museum


Saturday June 11, 2011
Enjoy an evening where everyone is a Celebrity!

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Interesting Fact:

We had noticed that on the door of the museum are the words:  “#1 Museum In Kansas” so we asked Jackie about it and this is what she said:

“We are indeed the #1 Museum in Kansas!  A few years ago, the Topeka Capitol Journal sent an undercover reporter to the top 200 or so Kansas attractions and he graded each on things like best collection, most fun for families, coolest story, most awesome presentation, etc. and we beat everybody!  Also more recently we were named by the History Channel as one of the “Top 10 Places in the US to Visit for Valentine’s Day.”  We were #4, and I think we might have been the only winner who needed a state after our city name for recognition (New York, Miami, New Orleans, Chanute, Kansas, etc—HA!).” 


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