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Strong-Willed Child – The Challenge (Wk 14)

Do you have one?  A StRoNg-WiLLeD ChiLd, that is.  I actually have two, but my youngest is the one with the strongest will.  You better believe that she can throw a full-fledged fit and scream at the top of her lungs for hours on end.  Literally.  I wonder how I ended up with not one, but two of these precious little darlings.  After all, I was the compliant child and what you sow you reap, right?

My response to this mayhem?  I refuse to be manhandled by a 3-year old.  So, BriNg iT DaRLiN’ because If wE tAnGo I promise you, I will always win.   I do tell her that frequently.  We even rehearse this dialog often:

MOM:  “Who is in charge?”

CHILD:  “You are.”

MOM:  “So, that means that who is NOT in charge?”

CHILD:  “We (her and her sister) are not in charge.”

Besides my children, there is another strong-willed child I have to deal with almost every day –  a.k.a. ME!!  It’s that undisciplined part of me that only wants convenience and comfort.  It willingly cooperates, but only if it doesn’t involve sacrifice and hardship of any kind.

This strong-willed child is my public enemy number one.  It is 99% of my problems.  It’s what stands between me and my goals.  It refuses to cooperate with my plans, wants its own way, and will throw a fit if it doesn’t get it.

How do I handle this strong-willed child?  The same way I handle my strong-willed 3-year old.  Sheer determination to be the LaSt oNe StAnDiNg.   Feelings, comfort, and convenience will have to take backseat, because I will win this one.  I promise.


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Biggest Bang For Your Buck — BE the BARBER

One of my best investments was a $25-$30 haircut kit from Target.  I bought it shortly after my husband and I got married 5 ½ years ago and I’ve cut his hair ever since!  Owning a hair clipper has not only  saved us money, but it also SAVES my husband a lot of TIME if we can cut it in the evenings or weekends instead of having to schedule an appointment or wait in line at a barber shop. Now that we have a son we can save money on his haircuts as well!  

I’m obviously not comfortable cutting my own hair (although there was about 6 months that I had my husband cut mine!), so my daughter and I get ours professionally cut.  Keep in mind that there are many salons that give you cheaper rates if you come with your hair already washed and wet.  It SAVES them time and MONEY if they don’t have to wash and style it for you.  The women in your family can save a few dollars too!

Does the thought of cutting a guy’s hair make you cringe?  Don’t worry! It is not as hard as it looks. There are haircut kits that come with an instructional DVD which can be helpful. My best AdvicE is to always start with the thickest blade guard and then go down from there (until you get the hang of it).  Even if you do make a mistake (which I have made a time or two), it isn’t the end of the world.  The guys just get a shorter-than-normal hair style for the next 4 weeks  Ü



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