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Tough Issues–Cowards Vs. Heroes

Taken from Successful Farmer magazine: 

“The very human desire to run away from confrontation is so natural and common that we have to wonder how so many farm partnerships [or relationships in general] manage to survive and succeed in spite of it.

When trying to gather the courage to face a tough issue, it’s worth remembering that cowards die a thousand deaths, while heroes die but once. We know from experience that avoiding a battle doesn’t end a war – it just makes it that much tougher to fight, let alone win.

Fear can paralyze. It can keep a soldier from fighting for survival. It also can prevent people who love each other from coNfRoNting dangerous issues and solving them while that’s still possible. Armies learned centuries ago that even though fear can’t be eliminated, training and experience can instill habits that sidestep paralysis and enable action.

It can be the same in families. The straightforward commitment to face and rEsoLve day-to-day disagreements and misunderstanding, particularly the smaller, easier ones, develops the habit of reacting appropriately to issues as they arise.

It’s not so complicated. Sweat the small stuff first, day after day. It won’t make the big stuff any smaller, but it will make it that much easier to muster the courage for the scary face-to-face discussions that are so critical.”

I can relate to this article, can’t you? If I have a conflict with a friend, family member or coworker, it is much easier if I can work through the problem as soon as it comes up.  It is never easy, but it is worth it. Suppressing issues that arise only turn small problems into big ones. Do yourself a favor and Be a HeRo by resolving disagreements as they come.


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Make it Right

Have you ever said something to someone, and after thinking about it later, ReAlized they may have taken it the wrong way and got their FeelinGs hurt?

A similar situation happened to me this week in an email message, and even though I was pretty sure this person didn’t take it the wrong way, it didn’t settle with me not knowing for sure. I decided to email her back and apoloGize if I may have come across the wrong way and eXpLaiNed my reasoning for saying what I did.  As soon as I hit “send” I immediately felt better.  Knowing that I was able to ClariFy what had happened put me at eAse versus always wondering if I had hurt her feelings.

Picking up the phone or sending a message to clear some possible confusion or tension is hard to do but always leaves you with much Relief. I never regret going out of my way to apoloGize or make sure I’m on the same page with a person.  Is there a situation you need to clear up with someone?  Often times the other person didn’t take it the wrong way and bringing it up won’t only show how much you care, but also put an end to your worries!


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