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Lost In Translation

Do you ever have one of those MoMenTs in an email conversation or text where you read the comment and your response is, “That was RUDE!  I can’t believe they said that!”

That is the unfortunate ConseQuenCe of written communication.  People don’t have the ability to interject tone or emphasis on particular words, and a lot of times, that tone or emphasis is the main form of communication.

Let’s analyze the question, “Are we having goulash again for supper tonight?”  If I’m a fan of goulash I will emphasize GoULaSh. “Are we having GoULaSh again for supper tonight?”   However if I loathe goulash I will emphasize AGAIN. “Are we having goulash AGAIN for supper tonight?”  (As a side note, this is how my husband would respond. Ha!)

We should all make a conscious effort to not overanalyze written communication.  We could totally MisinTerpRet what the writer was trying to say and generate some hard feelings for no good reason.


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