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You Have 2 Choices

Do you have a desire to try something new or achieve a lifelong dream but can’t muster up enough CouRage to give it a try? At the beginning of the movie “The Mighty Macs” the woman asks two questions that I will never forget:

Could I deal with rejection and temporary pain


Should I suffer a life filled with regret because I was afraid to take the risk?


I can think of numerous times that I tried to talk myself out of trying something new because I feared negative feedback, failure or embarrassment. I have learned that these brief moments of feeling uncomfortable are well worth the satisfaction and confidence you experience by working toward something you LOVE.

I have been running my Letter Block Shop business for almost 4 years now. I can honestly say that majority of the days I LOVE what I do and get excited to watch how much it has grown. It is only a handful of days per year that I actually experience the “not fun/uncomfortable” stuff.  Wouldn’t you say it is well worth it?  The good days definitely outweigh the bad!

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t live a life filled with regret! Take the risk and start Living-It today!


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There’s Room for More

Stepping outside of my comfort zone has NeVeR come easy.  Until I was in my 20’s the list of foods I would eat was limited to say the least and to this day I shock people when I tell them I only lasted 2 nights away at college.  In 3 days my parents moved me in and out of a 5th floor dorm room at the University of Rhode Island back to my all familiar bedroom and I was commuting to Seton Hall the next morning.  I order the exact same personal pizza at our favorite local restaurant every Friday night and I managed to find a Dunkin Donuts in Aruba while on our honeymoon so I could get my daily fix of french vanilla coffee light and sweet.

Call me traditional, stubborn, or just plain crazy…but that’s me the way I like to be!  That is until my daughter received the Disney movie Tangled for Christmas.  For as long as I can remember CiNdErElLa has been my favorite princess.  Of course I liked Ariel from The Little Mermaid and Belle from Beauty and the Beast, but Cinderella was my girl.  Last week I reluctantly sat down with my kids to watch Tangled and see what this Rapunzel had to offer.  Not only did I LOVE the movie but I found myself having an inner struggle with myself over how much I really LOVED this new Disney princess.  I tried to let it go but as my kids wanted to watch the movie over and over again, I too wanted to take in every second of its BrilLiAnCe.  Shortly after this princess competition I created in my head began, I mentioned my new fondness for Rapunzel to my sister.  She has been a Belle fan her whole life and I knew she would set me straight.  After discussing Rapunzel’s charming qualities as though she were a real person, we both agreed that this new spitfire of a princess had won both of our hearts.

So what you might ask does this have to do with anything?  EvErYtHiNg!!!  How many times have you said “No” to something because it wasn’t in your comfort zone?  Think of all you might be missing and what’s out there waiting for you to discover.  Plus…no one ever said you could only have one favorite!


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