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{Don’t Mess With “Happy”}

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My husband, a sports buff, was telling me this story about how a collegiate coach was CoNteMpLaTing whether or not he should take a different coaching position.  It would pay more money and bring more presitge, however, it would require that his family move to another city.  Both he and his family were very HaPpY where they were.  Not only did the coach love his job and his life, so did his family.  As the coach debated over taking the new position a very wise person told him this:

“Don’t MeSs with happy.”

Good advice.

It is so easy to always want something just a little bit better, even though in reality, you are actually quite happy with what you have.  Maybe it’s the house and neighborhood you live in, but due to pressure from the {Jones’} you feel the “need” to get a newer or better one.  Or take, for example, your job.  It could be that you LoVe your job and are completely happy there.  You just wish you got paid a bit more.

Next time you want to make a change, it may be time to ask yourself if you’re happy right where you are.  You may find that even with circumstances less than IdEaL you still are happy.  If so, are you sure you want to mess with “happy”?

;) Robynn


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Just Because…

I opened my back door and there between the door and the screened storm door was a gift, in the package, with a note that read:

“Just Because…


That was back when I was a single teacher and coach living on a really tight budget.  I had been chosen, along with another coach, a few student athletes, and a Booster Club Representative named Sharon, to represent my school at a conference on sportsmanship.  This was really the first time I spent much time around Sharon.  She was a leader in the community and a very GrAcioUs and kind lady. 

A few days after the conference I came home from work one day to find a surprise at my back door.  Sharon had bought me a new FlAtiRoN and dropped it off at my house when I was in school – completely out of the blue and completely to my surprise.  She had heard me talk about my broken flatiron and took it upon herself to do something about it.

That was over 10 years ago, but I still remember this KiNd AcT that Sharon did for me.  And I ask myself from time to time what I can do for someone else “Just Because.”



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