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Day 8 – Advent Calendar

Advent Day #8 – Put a surprise voucher in the Advent Calendar that says, “Cash this surprise in after dark and after you have your pajamas on.”  When its time to cash in the voucher, load up the family in the car (yes, in their pajamas!), grab some hot cocoa and candy canes, and drive around looking at lights.  {This is something Robynn did with her dad (minus the pajamas) as an adult, except with cappuccino, so feel to stop by the convenience store for your favorite warm drink!}

{You may choose to simplify the process big-time and do something as easy as  pick one person a day from now ’til Christmas and pray for them.  It doesn’t need to be time-consuming, stressful, or cost you anything.  Do what works for you and enjoy the season with the ones you love!!}

Alternate Activity:  Strike up a pleasant conversation with a stranger (such as a clerk, mailman, or crossing guard) and when you finish the conversation, tell them to have a wonderful day/Christmas/etc with a big smile.

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Homemade Hot Chocolate & Live-It List Idea

Is one of your Live-It list items to start a new family tradition?  How about putting this YuMmY hot chocolate in thermal mugs for the family to sip on while driving around to see Christmas lights!  I bet it would be something the kids would look forward to every year!

This homemade hot chocolate recipe is always a crowd pleaser.  Makes a great gift and a pErfeCt refreshment with your cinammon rolls on Christmas morning!

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix       

16 oz.   Nestle Quick Chocolate Drink Mix

6 oz.    Coffee Creamer

½ C.     Powdered Sugar

4 Tbls.  Cocoa

Mix Ingredients well and store in air tight container.  Use 1/3 Cup of mixture to 1 Cup warm milk.  Top with marshmallows!

Makes 32 Servings

(These were some clear containers I had around the house.  I decorated them with wrapping paper, jute rope and ribbon!  Super easy and immediately FeStiVe!)



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