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{Get A Head Start On The Holidays}

For the past few years I have scrambled to get my ChRiStMaS cards out before DeCeMeBeR 24th.  My problem wasn’t that I had the cards sitting around the house and just didn’t get around to it, but rather it was racing to get pictures taken and then have the cards made.  Last year I only received my cards 2-3 days before Christmas.  After spending hours addressing them the eve of December 23rd, I decided that was it.  Then and there I resolved that I would get Christmas pictures taken in June and create my Christmas card in July.  I was tired of self-imposing stress on myself during what should be a JoYoUs HoLiDaY.  And that is what I did.

This year I’m getting my cards at Tinyprints.  I haven’t ordered them yet, but I plan on ordering them by the 18th of this month because if I do I will get a 25% discount, (yet another benefit of ordering early!!)  Now that I have Christmas cards checked off my list I’m thinking of Christmas planning, shopping, etc. that I can take care of now so that when the joyous holidays do come I can enjoy every minute of it.

Is there something you can do now that will free up your time and energy for the holidays?  They will be here before we know it!!



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Christmas Card Display

I was SeArChiNg the internet and local stores for something to display my ChRiStMaS cArDs.  I have a little basket for most of the cards, but I wanted something that I could use to display the picture cards that FriEnDs and FaMiLy send of their kids.  Everything I came across was either too small or too expensive.  Not willing to spend $75.00 on the one I really wanted, I decided to MaKe My OwN. 

Picture #1

I bought a plain wood frame at my local craft store for $8.00.

Picture #2

I painted the frame green to symbolize Christmas and because it matches the décor in my living room.

Picture #3

I sanded areas of the paint off and stained it to create an “older” look.

Picture #4

I used a staple gun to fasten ribbon to the frame.

Picture #5


Picture #6

Bring on the holidays!

Picture #7

Great to display sight words for your kids!

~Jersey Girl~


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