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My Kind Of Perfect


       How many times have you found yourself ScrAmbLinG around the night before a holiday or party trying to clean up your house for your guests?  It was HaRd EnOuGh to keep the house straightened out when it was just two of us, but throw in two kids and now it seems just plain impossible.  A while ago I found a saying that I LOVED and just had to have for my home…Please excuse the noise & mess…the kids are MaKiNg HaPpY MeMoRiEs.

        BINGO!  These were my thoughts exactly, but I just couldn’t find a way to put them into words.  I don’t want my kids to grow up remembering a mom that picks things up the second they are out of place.  I want them to look back on their ChiLdHoOd and think of all of the fun games and activities we did together in our home.  I can vividly remember 30 years back, my sister and I playing with our Barbie bathtubs on a tablecloth on our kitchen floor.  My mom wasn’t worried about water, bubbles, and a mess.  She was CrEaTiNg An EnViRoNmEnT that allowed us to enjoy what we had and JuSt Be KiDs.

        It isn’t always easy to let things go, but I am making an effort to pLaY mOrE and WoRrY LeSs.  So what if someone stops over for a visit and my house is perfect?  My kids are perfectly happy and in the end…that is all I can ask for.

~Jersey Girl~

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So God Made a Farmer

This week there was haRveSt on the Shoup farm.  We had a drought this year and the beans could have been better, but it is always a fUn time of year because the colors are changing, the weather is enjoyable, and we finally get to reap the benefits of all of our haRd work.

The kids were aNxiOus to watch the combine harvesting our beans shortly after they woke up.  Watching them get excited about harvest brings back all the mEmoRies I have growing up on a farm.

This past week I received the link to the video below, spoken from a famous radio personality, Paul Harvey.  He couldn’t have dEscRibed my DAD and the farmers I know in any better way….Have you tHanKed a farmer today?


I am PROUD to be a farmer’s daughter.  Love you DAD, thanks for all you do ♥


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