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Why Diets Don’t Work: Reason #6

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Reason #6:  Diets Love Rules – Rules That You Just Can’t Keep!

One thing we don’t like is rules. Now, don’t get us wrong, we are not talking about rules instituted by those in authority in an effort to maintain order and ensure that things are working smoothly. Schools, workplaces, and the like need rules to operate. Without them there would be chaos. We are former teachers, so we get that.

Instead, the rules we are talking about are man-made rules that people enforce on others due to preference or how they think people should live their lives. Rules about the way you should dress. Rules about the way you should raise your kids. Rules about how you should eat.

And that is exactly what diets do. They impose upon you what you are to eat, when you are to eat, where you are to eat, you name it. If it has anything to do with food (and maybe even exercise) they have a rule for you!

Rather than enforcing rules, Peace with Food is based on principles – timeless truths that are true for all people at all times.  These principles govern the world we live in. And whether we like them or not, they rule supreme.

An example would be the law of sowing and reaping.  We learned early in our Peace with Food journey that when we plant the seeds of depriving ourselves of the food we love, we will eventually reap those seeds back in the form of a binge.  We also learned that not having appropriate boundaries results in overeating and weight gain.

Not rocket science, just cause – effect.

So, if you’re like us and are tired of rules, come join us at living with peace.

Life’s a whole lot better, we found, when we pitched the rules and began living by principles!

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Take-Home Message:

Living by principles will bring you peace.


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{The Puzzle}

One thing I really like to do, but don’t do very often is put together a puzzle.  From time to time my extended family will put one together during the HoLiDaYs.  It’s a great time to visit with them and enjoy their company.  Depending on the size of the puzzle it may take us hours or even days to finally put all the pieces together.  And when we are finished there is a sense of satisfaction seeing the end ReSuLt.

I think life is a lot like that puzzle.  When you take it out of the box the pieces are random, nothing fits together and unless you have a picture of what the puzzle should look like {which in life we never do}, a MyStErY.  How often do we look at our life when the pieces are piled up, convinced they will never fit together.  But God is a master at putting the puzzle pieces of our life together.  So, the next time you take a look at the puzzle pieces of your life chaotically piled up, remember that PuZzLeS take time and He who started a good work in you will finish it!!  {Philippians 1:6}



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{Mental Drag}

One of the things that I have observed about myself is that living in a space that is DisOrgaNizEd and mEsSy is a huge drain on me mentally.  For that reason, one of the first things I do when I need to get a project completed is make sure my surroundings are in order.

Are you having difficulty getting MoTivAtEd?  If so, are you living in a mess?  If you answered “YeS” to those qustions you may want to consider trying to clean up YoUr SpAcE.  I know for me, it’s as if MeNtaL SpAcE is taken up when I am living in chaos, but a clean and organized space stimulates CrEaTiviTy and mOtivAtiOn.

What is your “mental drag”?  It may not be having a messy space, but whatever it is, what can you do to EliMinAte it or greatly ReDucE it’s effects?  Doing so may be just what it takes to get you moving in the RiGht DiRectIoN! 



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{God’s Not Freaking Out, So Relax!}

I like this popular poster originally printed during WWII. It is a great reminder to "Remain Calm Everyone."

This post is for the person whose life seems CrAzY and out of control.  If you’re not there, you can read it anyway, because although you may not find yourself in that PrEdiCeMeNt today, eventually life cycles through and you’ll be there.  I’m not being negative.  It’s just the reality.  And it’s just part of the CycLe.

Not forever.

Not the end of the world.

This too shall pass.

And best of all, in your chaos, remember that God is not freaking out.  He’s CaLm.  So, carry on.

;) Robynn


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