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ImAgIne sitting down for an interview with Osa Johnson when she was alive.  Well, that’s exactly what the Suede Sofa did.  We asked SaFaRi MuSeUm CuRaToR JacKie BorGeSoN if she could find quotes from Osa on a couple of questions regarding this InCrEdibLe WoMaN from Chanute, Kansas, LiViNg HeR DrEaM.  The answers were amazing, as if we actually did interview Osa (they are actual quotes of Osa’s).  We hope you are InSpIrEd to “LiVe ThE AdVeNtUrE” of the life you were DeStiNeD to live!
The first is sometimes attributed to Martin, but Osa uses it in her book Four Years in Paradise.  The second comes from the speech Osa gave late in her life. 
The following video is a mini tour of the Safari Museum located in Chanute, KS.  Curator Jackie Borgeson takes us on a quick tour providing fascinating information about the life of Osa and Martin Johnson.  Enjoy!!

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“Pan Out” – The Challenge (Wk 4)

Its Week 4 of the six-month challenge towards your dream or goal.  How are you doing?  Maybe you started out “The Challenge” excited and filled with anticipation and now the excitement has seemed to be all but gone.  WhAt NoW? 

This week’s focus is to Re-AsSeSs.  This is something that we will be doing from time to time during this six-month challenge.  That is because although sometimes you start off thinking that your goal is one thing you find out along the way that it is really something else.  Take for example the goal of losing weight.  Maybe you start off thinking that a certain number on the scale will bring you happiness, but along the way to your goal you realize that the ‘ole number on the scale isn’t what brings happiness, instead it’s the P e A c E you have inside because of the self-control you have developed allowing you to put food in its proper place.

Have you ever been on Google maps and were so close up you couldn’t get your bearings but as soon as you panned out you could see things clearly?  When re-assessing your goals, it is necessary to “PaN oUt” and see the big picture.  Sometimes we are just too close up to our situation to see things clearly, but when we step back and get some perspective things begin to come in to focus.

As you look at your goal don’t forget to “pan out” and see the big picture.  When you do, the map will be much clearer and you will have the AdVaNtAgE oF pErSpEcTiVe.


P.S.  Regarding my six-month goal of peace with food, I’m making progress!!!  I haven’t done perfectly, but one thing I am learning to do is ditch the “All-Or-Nothing” mindset with an “Adapt and Be Flexible” one.  (That’s another post for another day!)

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