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If You Are In It, You Can Win It!

Do you find yourself in a cHalleNge, trial, or adversity that seems inSurMountAble?  Maybe your situation is so overwhelming and confusing you have no clue what to do next.  If this describes you, I want to eNcoUrage you with a statement that I heard months ago.  The moment I heard it, it grabbed me:

“If you are in it, you can win it!”

There is nothing that you are facing that you can’t oVerCome.  Not sure what to do or where to begin?  Just take one step – the one directly in front of you regardless how small or insignificant it may seem.  Maybe that one step is reaching out for help.  Maybe it is trying a different aPproAch.  Whatever you do, hang on and don’t let go!  You’ll win it if you just don’t quit.  :)


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LIVE IT in 2012 & Win a COACH PURSE

The Live-It list challenge if finally here!!  Increase your chance to win the purse by doing the following right now!

1.)Sign up for a Email Subscription (see the upper-left side of the page)–5 entries

2.)”Like” us on Facebook (click the facebook “Like” button on the right side of the page)–2 entries

3.) Comment to the question at the bottom of this post. (answer the weekly Live-It list question each week for a total of 9 entries)–1 entry

*If you are already a subscriber or like us on facebook, you will automatically receive the allotted points.

Week 1 Live-It List question: Give 3 examples of “Live It” List Ideas to help Readers Brainstorm their own list, by commenting below. (feel free to use a screen name)


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What’s Your 9-Day Promise?

With the “LiVe-It LiSt” challenge starting on January 1st, we have not only been encouraging our readers to work on their list, but have been tweeking ours, as well.  We’ll continue to share some of those items in hopes to give you ideas, as well as inpire and motivate.  One of our items on our list is SeLf-ImProVeMeNt.  Instead of waiting until the New Year we are making a nine-day ProMise to ourselves.  The promise is not perfection.  We may fall off the bandwagon, but we commit to get right back on.  To ReMiNd ourselves of the promise we’ve made to ourself, we are each doing something unique.  (See below).

Lara says – “Whenever I start to worry or become anxious I am going to say the prayer of Hail Mary.”

Lara's Reminder

Robyn (Jersy Girl) says – “I am going to try and be a patient Mommy and not “lose it” when things get out of control.”

Robyn's Reminder

Robynn says – “I’m showing kindness with words by not saying anything unkind to or about someone.”

Robynn's Reminder

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“Confidence Boost” – The Challenge (Wk 8)

Many times when we start off towards a goal or dream, it is because we are unsatisfied with some area in our life.  It may be that we have failed miserably and are hoping to make a change.  Misery after all, can be a GrEaT mOtiVaTor.  If that is the case, then, how can we gain confidence if we don’t have many successes under our belt?

I have found the best way to RacK uP sUcCeSs is one small step at a time.  This is really important because success breeds success.  How do you do this?  By setting a goal that is just at the end of your fingertips.  Something small and attainable, but also something that is going to require you to do something that you haven’t already done.  Then, as you begin to experience success you can little by little set bigger goals.

Don’t overlook the PoWeR of achieving a small goal!  I originally would look down on setting small goals.  They didn’t seem challenging enough to me, so I never set any.  My goals were always BIG ones that had no guarantees and were much riskier.  They were also few and far between.  This was a huge mistake because I missed out on laying a foundation of successes.

If your goal is to get organized, don’t think that organization means spending an entire Saturday getting your messy space organized.  Your small step of success may be to spend 15 minutes a day on that project.  Each time you spend 15 minutes towards this goal, you have chalked up a success.  Do this for seven days and you have seven successes tallied up!  Maybe you are far from seeing that space organized, but you getting closer to your goal and are developing CoNfiDenCe because you are experiencing success.

This approach allows you to succeed every day.  What are the small steps you can take beginning today?

Enjoy Your Small Successes Today!


P.S.  Today’s post is an excerpt from a book I’m currently writing on my path to peace with food.  I’m writing this book in conjunction with our six-month challenge.  Thanks for the inspiration!

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“Pan Out” – The Challenge (Wk 4)

Its Week 4 of the six-month challenge towards your dream or goal.  How are you doing?  Maybe you started out “The Challenge” excited and filled with anticipation and now the excitement has seemed to be all but gone.  WhAt NoW? 

This week’s focus is to Re-AsSeSs.  This is something that we will be doing from time to time during this six-month challenge.  That is because although sometimes you start off thinking that your goal is one thing you find out along the way that it is really something else.  Take for example the goal of losing weight.  Maybe you start off thinking that a certain number on the scale will bring you happiness, but along the way to your goal you realize that the ‘ole number on the scale isn’t what brings happiness, instead it’s the P e A c E you have inside because of the self-control you have developed allowing you to put food in its proper place.

Have you ever been on Google maps and were so close up you couldn’t get your bearings but as soon as you panned out you could see things clearly?  When re-assessing your goals, it is necessary to “PaN oUt” and see the big picture.  Sometimes we are just too close up to our situation to see things clearly, but when we step back and get some perspective things begin to come in to focus.

As you look at your goal don’t forget to “pan out” and see the big picture.  When you do, the map will be much clearer and you will have the AdVaNtAgE oF pErSpEcTiVe.


P.S.  Regarding my six-month goal of peace with food, I’m making progress!!!  I haven’t done perfectly, but one thing I am learning to do is ditch the “All-Or-Nothing” mindset with an “Adapt and Be Flexible” one.  (That’s another post for another day!)

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“Fueling Up” – The Challenge (Wk. 1)

If you began the challenge with us on April 1st, you already have a few days under your belt. CONGRATULATIONS!!

When taking a road trip you have to fuel up every so often.  During THE CHALLENGE, we will be “fueling up” on Mondays.  This day seems the most logical since it allows for a fresh start at the beginning of each week. Our purpose for “fueling up” will be to motivate, challenge, InSPirE, and encourage you. Feel free to share your “fueling up” tips by commenting on the bottom of this post!

Today’s Fueling Tip:

H.A.P. (Have A Plan) – Whatever your G O A L or dream, make sure you have a plan for TODAY, TOMORROW, AND THIS WEEK! Many times it’s easy to set the dream/goal, but not really have a plan to get there. Sure, you may want to get out of debt, get organized or lose some weight, but how in the world are you going to do that? Your plan needs to include the following:

· A breakdown of steps required to achieve your dream/goal (If your goal is getting out of debt, your steps may be: 1.) Get on a budget, 2.) Cut up credit cards, 3.) Read a Dave Ramsey book, 4.) Get a second job, 5.) Have a garage sale, etc.) – maybe you don’t know exactly everything that will be entailed, but try to come up with as many steps you can think of. You can adjust these steps as you go.

· A timetable for how long each step will take – Include specific dates for each step.

· What resources do you need to reach your goal – A SuPpOrT system – maybe this is a support group, an accountability partner, encouraging and inspiring books to read, time, advice from someone who has done what you are wanting to do, a class to learn a particular skill, workout clothes, a running partner, etc.

· Obstacles you will likely face along the way – Discouragement; temptation to spend money you know you shouldn’t; family gatherings where food is in abundance; no immediate results; slower progress than expected; unsupportive spouse, friends, family; etc.

· A “Plan B” – Your plan for adjusting and adapting to situations that don’t go as you had hoped (By the way, it’s almost a given that things won’t go as planned, so if you know this ahead of time you won’t be thrown off when it does. You can just adjust and move on!)

Did you see the theme “A*D*J*U*S*T” over and over? Yes, you are going to have to adjust. Research shows that those people who can adjust to adversity have a much better percentage at succeeding compared to those who can’t adjust. So, don’t get discouraged if things don’t go exactly as you would like. Just MOVE ON BABY, MOVE ON!


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Robynn’s 6-Month Challenge….Peace With Food

Ok, so Lara and I talk about GeTtiNg ReAl and being TrAnSpArEnT.  Here goes. . .

Today, the S.u.e.d.e.S.o.f.a.  is beginning “The ChAlLeNgE”, a SiX-MoNtH jOuRnEy towards a goal or DrEaM.  I have a challenge of my own that I am going to be sharing with you during these next six months and here it is:  walking in PeAcE with food.  For years I have struggled with overeating resulting in the vicious cycle of gain weight, diet, lose weight, gain weight.  I have made a lot of progress, but still, I am not where I desire to be in this area of SeLf-CoNtRoL.

Although I have made great strides in this area, I desire not only to deal with this issue once and for all, but also to help others struggling in this area.  In the past, my focus has been a number on the scale, which really was just the symptom of an underlying problem.  However, this time around, I am focusing on the real issue – my ChArAcTeR and developing self-control.

My biggest challenge, when it comes to eating is consuming too much food early in the day.  I then either have to go through the rest of the day not able to eat, feeling deprived as I watch my family eat, OR I feel hopeless and just give in thinking, “What’s the point?”

My next biggest challenge is thinking that if I go over a little, I may as well blow it and go all out.  These are the two bad habits I will be focusing on replacing with the positive habits of using self-control and moderation.

So, how about you?  Do you have any goals or dreams you want to PuRsUe?  Any NeW hAbiTS you want to form?  If so, then come along with us.  The journey is a whole lot more EnJoYaBLe when taking it with a friend!!


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“The Challenge”

How would you like to begin the JoUrNeY towards your dream, not only with cheerleaders on the sideline, but also with others who are pursuing their DREAM as well?  “The Challenge” is just that.

In this six-month endeavor there will be weekly tools to help you through the many steps of accomplishing a dream.  You will be given input on beginning sTrOnG; overcoming inertia; dealing with adversity, setbacks, and failure; persevering in the face of discouragement; how to find the resources and accountability you need; and just plain ‘ole encouragement and  support.

There will be SuCcEsS stories of others who have endured and ultimately overcame.  You will be challenged, motivated, and inspired.

We realize that all dreams do not have a six-month time line.  You may reach your goal in two months and if you do, that is awesome!  Mission accomplished!!  However, we know that many dreams take much longer to achieve than just a couple of months or even six months and we want to provide the necessary resources to help you on your journey.

At the end of the six months, you may still have a long way to go, but you will be six months closer to reaching your dream.   If you are finally ready to take the L E A P, “The Challenge” can help you fulfill your dreams and your purpose.  We hope you will join us in “The Challenge” and look forward to reading your success story!

Kick-start your dream by filling out the packing list now!!


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