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Lara’s Christmas DIY Projects

I wanted a ChEaP and EaSy way to decorate my back porch for the holidays.  Here is what it normally looks like!

I trimmed up our cedar trees for some FREE decor and added some extra ribbon I had around the house.  The chair and white table were found in my basement and I used some leftover stencils to paint the numbers on the door.  What do think of the traNsformAtion?


A few years ago I decided I didn’t like the look of the back of my upper cabinets. 

So…I bought Rustoleum Magnetic Paint and Chalkboard Paint.  I applied the magnetic paint with a brush first,  let it dry, and then applied the chalkboard paint.  Now it is a place to hang pics and cards as well as write messages to our family!

And for the holidays, it can really add CoLoR to the room by simply using different colored chalk!  I will need to clear some more space as we recently received much more Christmas mail to display!


Need an ineXpenSive way to wrap a gift or gift card?  Check this out!!

Clean out an old soup can and hammer holes in the top…

Use decorative paper to wrap around the can.  Secure with tape.  Hammer two holes on opposite ends of the top of the can…

Use jute rope, string, ribbon, or whatever you pRefeR to secure the top of the can.  I also spray painted some of the tops of the cans white (if you want to hide the aluminum)!  There are so many different ways to make these cans, so have fUn with it!

Merry Christmas!



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