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Making the Best of Human Life…

Let’s face it.  Life on earth isn’t always easy.  In fact, most of the time is pretty challenging.  We deal with job losses, disappointments, cancer, troubled relationships, obesity, death, natural disasters; the list is never-ending.  We work so hard in attempt to cReAte and control an ideal surrounding, but nothing will ever be perfect…

because we are HuMaN

because we are SiNnErS

because we live on a place called EaRth.


Quite depressing, isn’t it?  Well it certainly can be if you let it. The reassuring part is that God knew life here would be difficult, and He wants to help lighten our load.  Sure, we could take the easy road and just be miserable until our life runs out.  But why not make the best of it while you are here?  Plus, by choosing to walk through life with Him, there will be more to look forward to when your days on Earth are over…HeAveN!

As an optimist, I am a believer that despite our challenges, we have to make the best of our HuMan lives.  How do we do that?  The obvious answer is ask God for help when you are struggling, and continue to speak to Him when days are good.  Talk to Him about your sins and ask for forgiveness when you feel guilty or know you’ve made a wrong choice.  And don’t forget to thank Him when things go your way!  When you develop this type of relationship with Him, the days won’t seem so lonely when EarThLy problems get thrown your way.  And when you feel more connected…the doors that He is opening for you will become more obvious!

Believe me, I know it is easier said than done.  But do we really have a better option?  If we are realistic with ourselves that life will consist of steady highs and lows (regardless of how hard we try to control it), why not have something CoNsTanT to lean on through it all?

Advent begins this Sunday.  There is no better time to start or enrich your relationship with God than now.  Here, on the Suede Sofa, we will be celebrating every day of Advent.  Check in daily between now and Christmas and join us as we prepare for the true meaning of Christmas!

Now is the time!  Make this the most meaningful Christmas yet!

In Christ,


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Smile at a Stranger

Last week my friend Anne lost her husband after a tough BaTtLe with cancer.  They had just celebrated their son’s first birthday and through it all Anne managed to stay upbeat, positive, and grateful for their time together as a family.  The night before her husband passed she wrote, “Hug your loved ones and smile at a stranger.  Today only comes once” on her Facebook page.  I was immediately stuck by such PoWeRfUL words.

A SMiLe…something so simple yet packed with such meaning.  Whether it be the crossing guard you drive by daily, a cashier at the grocery store, or a stranger you meet at the post office; you never know what they might be going through and how much a smile might mean to them.  It is something that won’t cost anything and the payback will warm your HeARt.


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{A Lesson From H.S. Seniors} – “Live Like You Were Dying”

I first heard this song at a HiGh ScHoOl GrAdUaTiOn sung by a group of SeNiOrS.  What made this song so PoiGnAnT and left an ImPrEsSiOn was the fact that they had experienced, first hand, how short life can be.  One of their classmates had died the previous year of cancer.  They dedicated this song to her.

I especially love the words:

“…and I loved DeEpeR and I spoke SwEeTeR and I gave ForGivEnEss I’d been denyin’…”

Thanks for the lesson Humboldt High School Class Of 2005.


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