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Live-It List Lesson

Last year at this time The Suede Sofa began talking about the “Live-It List” – which is sort of like a bucket list, but with the emphasis on living rather than on dying.  Well, 2012 is coming to a close and I’ve been working on my “Live-It List” all year long.  In January, I started out with a lengthy list of things that I thought were important.  Although it felt great to get those items checked off my list, the one thing that my “Live-It List” revealed to me was what is important and worth pursuing and what things are really, well, just a distraction.   My list contained “good” things be sure, but good things can steal your focus from the best things.  So in 2013 I am going to do things different from what I have ever done before and just pick one.  The best one.

Are you focused and going after only the best, or are you like I was in 2012 – all over the place and although accomplishing a lot of things, not really accomplishing anything really significant?   This may come as a relief to know that you can streamline your life and eliminate activities that don’t serve your best interests.

What is your purpose?  What deserves your focus and attention?  Could 2013 be your year to “Pick One”?

:) Robynn


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{My Published Book}

If you’ve been following the Suede Sofa, you are no doubt familiar with what we call the “LiVe-It LiSt” which is similar to a bucket list but with the focus on living every day to the full rather than on dying.  With the “Live-It List” I  was DeTeRmiNeD to take care of all my “unfinished business” in 2012.  One of those items was to PubLiSh a book that has been saved on my computer for nearly three years.  Well, I can now check that item off my list.  My books were delivered to my house this past Friday.  What made this accomplished goal even SwEeTeR is that my family, father-in-law, and Lara’s family were there to witness me cutting open the box and seeing my book for the very first time.  A very sweet moment indeed.

My book, “The Truth Behind Real Success”, compares the definition of success given to us by our society and culture with that of real, AuThEnTiC success.  For more information you can check it out at Amazon.com or BarnesandNoble.com




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I Am Living It by…Lingering Longer

Want to earn 5 entries to win the COACH purse?  Email us your Live-It List item and picture(s) to go with it!  suedesofa@yahoo.com

For more details visit:



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LIVE IT in 2012 & Win a COACH PURSE

The Live-It list challenge if finally here!!  Increase your chance to win the purse by doing the following right now!

1.)Sign up for a Email Subscription (see the upper-left side of the page)–5 entries

2.)”Like” us on Facebook (click the facebook “Like” button on the right side of the page)–2 entries

3.) Comment to the question at the bottom of this post. (answer the weekly Live-It list question each week for a total of 9 entries)–1 entry

*If you are already a subscriber or like us on facebook, you will automatically receive the allotted points.

Week 1 Live-It List question: Give 3 examples of “Live It” List Ideas to help Readers Brainstorm their own list, by commenting below. (feel free to use a screen name)


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Live It! {And Get A Chance To Win A Coach Purse!!}

Can you believe that 2011 is almost over!  On January 1st the SuEde SoFa will begin the “LiVe It LiSt” challenge!!  In case you haven’t read or heard about our “Live It List” challenge, here it is in a NuTsHeLL:

The “Live It List” is sort of like a “BuCkEt LiSt” only with the emphasis on living rather than on dying.  Not only does it focus on living life, but living it to the full TODAY, not sometime down the road when circumstances are more ideal.  The “Live It List” targets the little things in life that really make the biggest differences such as relationships, fulfilling your purpose, and enjoying life.  And if that isn’t exciting enough, the Suede Sofa will give one fortunate reader a brand new Coach purse!  You can find out more about the challenge by Clicking Here.  But wait!!  Before you click for more details what’s on your list?

Here are some ideas to get your imaginations soaring!!

“Live It List” Ideas

  1. Create a vision board.  (A bulletin board with pictures of things that motivate and inspire you)
  2. Work your way through a cookbook like in the movie “Julia and Julia”
  3. Take a course from “The Great Courses” (www.thegreatcourses.com)
  4. Learn to make jewelry, knit a scarf, make pasta, etc. via watching a YouTube tutorial
  5. Reconnect with an old pen pal
  6. Volunteer
  7. Do a triathlon
  8. Volunteer with your child
  9. Organize a community event
  10. Sew/quilt
  11. Photograph old barns or your favorite people/items/animal/scenery
  12. Start an Etsy business
  13. Grow herbs
  14. Start a blog
  15. Visit your physican and begin a healthy life style
  16. Journal
  17. Carve out 30 minutes a day reserved only for your child/children
  18. Spend 15 minutes a day praying, meditating, etc.
  19. Complete “The Love Dare”
  20. Complete “The Purpose Driven Life”
  21. Establish a date night once a week with your spouse, significant other, child, friend, or family member
  22. Change your look
  23. Do a personal make-over
  24. Do a home make-over
  25. Pamper yourself once a week
  26. Ask an estranged friend/family member if you can “Begin Again”
  27. Do a random act of kindness once a week
  28. Learn to decorate a cake
  29. Plan a weekend get away
  30. Search for your favorite childhood toys/books/ etc on Ebay
  31. Send a care package to someone in the military
  32. Visit the Drive-In, Diners, and Dives in your area (from Food Networks “Drive-Ins, Diners, and Dives” television show)
  33. Take a dance class with your friend or spouse
  34. Do a room makeover for under $100
  35. Start a new family tradition
  36. Document your family traditions
  37. Take flight lessons
  38. Make a piece of furniture
  39. Hunt for a vintage piece of furniture from a flea market, antique shop, etc.
  40. Start working on the home-based business you’ve been dreaming of
  41. Turn a hobby into a business.  Need some ideas?  Check out this website of hobbies:  http://www.notsoboringlife.com/list-of-hobbies/
  42. Invite friends over for weekly cooking classes hosted by those people who make your favorite foods  i.e. have Mom teach how she makes her famous fried chicken, Grandma teach how to make her delicious apple pie, etc.
  43. Start a collection by going to antique shops, Ebay, garage sales, etc. – vintage cameras, geodes, vintage letters or numbers
  44. Finally begin pursuing your passion
  45. Determine what your passion is
  46. Write thank-you letters to people who have made a difference in your life
  47. Create a budget that you can live by
  48. Take Dave Ramsey’s Finanical Peace University course
  49. Get a puppy
  50. Do on-line dating
  51. Finish your bachelor’s/Master’s/Doctorate Degree
  52. Get a certification in your field
  53. Take a martial arts class
  54. Turn one room in your house into one that inspires you
  55. Create a top 10 list:  i.e. Places to visit, Home projects to complete, Friends to get reconnected with, Activities to do, Goals to pursue and complete by Dec 31, Foods to make, etc.
  56. Make your family’s own personal “Yearbook” by documenting pictures as well as the stories that go with them by going to websites such as: www. shutterfly.com, http://www.Winkflash.com, etc.
  57. Create a list of eight things you are going to do (one for each week) that is achievable, yet exciting and motivating
  58. Call your friends/family to say, “I love you”
  59. Talk to a financial planner and start planning for the future!
  60. Make your own art gallery
  61. Get on a travel website and dream
  62. Find the thing that encourages your imagination and begin dreaming
  63. Begin writing a book
  64. Adopt an elderly person or a child to be kind to
  65. Take your kid fishing
  66. Take your dad fishing
  67. Finally read a book that you have been wanting to read
  68. Visit your hometown
  69. Reminisce with a childhood friend
  70. Give blood
  71. Pay the toll for the car behind you at a toll gate
  72. Make snow angels after the next big snowfall
  73. Run for an elected office
  74. Get a Red-Cross certification in something
  75. Resurrect an old skill such as playing an instrument, writing poetry, singing, drawing, etc.
  76. Give away or sell everything you don’t need/use
  77. Make a difference in oNe LiFe

HaPpY LiVe-iNg!!


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Live-It, Don’t Buck-It!!


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Win A Coach Purse {The Details}



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